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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Love and Marriage

While I have not been programmed with the ability to feel same-sex sexual attraction, I am a loving person in this life and in this world. And in this world, there is not enough love.

It is not the business of the government to tell two consenting people who love each other, and who want the rights and responsibilities that the joy of love brings, that their love is illegitimate and will not be recognized by the same government that supposedly, is there to protect their rights.

It wasn't so long ago that African-Americans could not marry whites in some states. But even then, no serious discussion of a constitutional amendment to ban the practice nationally was ever pursued.

Obviously, bringing the matter of a constitutional amendment to this issue is a political way to deflect what is really wrong in this country, as well as to energize portions of the conservative base -- warmongers, the greedy rich, the well-meaning but inflexible Evangelicals, the Endtimers, the bigots who are uneasy being around, or even seeing, people who are not like them.

And it is funny, in a most ironic way, that many of those same right-wingers who argue for the "sanctity of marriage" have been divorced -- often through a string of actions that involved them violating their own marriage vows.

As to those who would say that same-sex marriage weakens the "institution" of marriage, well I have some thoughts there. The institution of marriage started out as way to codify a wife's status as the husband's chattel, or property.

And, as if marriage was not weak enough already.

You know what weakens marriage? Not favoring the Family & Medical Leave Act, which allows for post-birth paid time off, and which, fortunately was signed despite overwhelming negative votes from the party now in power.

You know what weakens marriage? A Guardsman, whose normal absence from home for two weeks was stretched out to a year by service in a war that is unjustified.

You know what weakens marriage? Traitorous companies, run by Republican CEOs, who close plants and outsource white collar jobs to India just so that their stock price will go up. The laid-off husband or wife sits home, or takes a menial job while the bills pile up and the stresses do too.

You know what weakens marriage? Placing stresses on families by allowing health care costs to rise, by hospitals charging whatever they can, and prohibiting the import of safe prescription drugs from Canada.

You know what weakens marriage? Driving families and companies they work for into bankruptcy, and all the marriage stresses that come from that, by looking the other way when companies rig energy prices, energy markets, and allow 401 (k)s to tank.

I could go on and on, but that executive decision to lay off 5,000 of your loyal, well-trained people will disrupt numerous marriages. The fact that two men or two women who love each other, and whom you have never met, decide to get married in San Francisco, or wherever, has nothing to do with your heterosexual marriage in Wooster, Ohio. Nor should your marriage have anything to do with theirs. It is you, who need to be true and honest with each other.

I'll say it one more time: there's not enough love in the world.