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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Remember This Well

Long-distance relationships do not work. You plan for the wonderful weekends, but it is the mundanities of day-to-day living that constitute the foundation.

And without proximity, LDRs are prone to misinterpretation and miscommunication.

Do yourself a favor. Don't go there, as I have in the past. But not now. Never again.
Attention X-Chromosomers: Bush Wants To Control Your Life!

In the latest New York Times poll, 48 percent of women supported the president, compared with Kerry's 43 percent - a reversal from July, when Kerry had the women's vote 52 to 40 percent.

My broader take on the issue is that the real gender gap is not between women and men. It is between single women and married women.

2000 exit polling showed Bush and Gore equal among married women, but Gore with almost twice thevote of Bush among single and divorced women.

And if you take into account the fact that African-American and Latino voters of both genders tend to vote alike, more along the lines of ethnicity rather than gender, the problem is white, married women.

Easy to project why. Although denominations and people differ, the very act of marriage confers a respect for tradition, for what some call "values." The married, nested female may feel secure in everything from her husband, to her career, to her health benefits, to her contraception, and sees the bigger threat with taxes, maybe even something like that Chechen school happening here.

Yet for many single, divorced, or unattached but signif. other-tethered women, there is not the safety net that marriage *apparently* provides. For these women, the act of being sexual does not require traditional sanctification rites -- but does require a modicum of reproductive freedom that Kerry seeks to guarantee but Bush opposes. So it would be natural for many women of that age to go for Kerry. Also, divorced women have - at times with much personal pain- gone through the changes, from apparent security in the nest to being on their own, and would favor the candidate that allows them the most determinative set of freedoms while they are on their own.

Add to that, Kerry is a poor campaigner. Everything out of his mouth seems to be a focus-group tested slogan. That was also the case with Gore -- I guarantee you that Tipper kiss came out of a consultant's mind. Bush has his focus groups and consultants too, but Bush, as did Clinton, has better over-the-shoulder stagecraft.

Kerry better do well in the debates. Only by a miracle did we not experience any Supreme Court vacancies this term.