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Blue Line


I've been a professional journalist for more than 25 years, capturing the simplicities and intricacies of both human nature and our natural surroundings with various combinations of our language's 21 consonants and five vowels. I have been privileged to work with many highly experienced photographers. The best are able to capture given moments in time -- an expression on someone's face, the angle of a waterfall as it spills to the rocks below, the passing glint of a red sunset.


Driven by curiosity more than any sort of directional change in the way I elucidate information, this page represents my attempt to visually chronicle the world around me. After working, and continuing to work, with the fascinations of words, I feel I have learned to speak a second language. I believe that life is a series of still images that when they occur in rapid enough succession, create the illusion of movement. I've gone hunting for the stillness in the movement of life.


Come with me then, and see what I've found. The journey has just begun.


Ocean Spray Off The Coast Of California (still photo)

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A Boy Waves- On the VIA Rail Canada train from Victoria to Courtenay, B.C., a boy standing next to his bicycle waves at us. What is it about kids (including the kid who's Web site you are now on) and trains?


A Doubletree Grows In Portland- The DoubleTree Hotel Lloyd Center is signified by this signage at the end of the Portland Vintage Trolley line from the Library-Southwest Ninth Avenue station to the aforementioned mall on the other side of the Willamette River. That's Holladay Park on the right.


A Drive To The Sea- On the Pacific Coast near Ocean Park, Washington, you can drive on the beach. The SUV in this picture seems headed for the ocean itself.


A Fork In The Road- While we pass along this stretch of central California beachfront, the man on the lower-right is enjoying his meal. Note the conductor staring out at the window in wonder. It's a testament to the scenic beauty that a train staffer who has presumably worked this route numerous times is still captivated by the vistas it has to offer.


A Great Place To Do Your Homework- A passenger on San Francisco's CalTrain commuter line seems to be studying for a test. Our train is just south of the San Francisco terminus at 4th and Townsend Streets.


A Maize-ing Gaze- Corn does not only grow in Nebraska. To the surprise of many passengers on the Chehalis-Centralia Railroad, corn can grow in Washington State, as well.


A Rock And A Hard Place- So was the federal prison on Alcatraz Island. Decommissioned some four decades ago, it now is a tourist attraction.


A Smile From Above- On this gloomy November day near Ocean Park, Washington, the soon-to-be-setting sun broke through and shone down on us.


A Track Of Their Own- For 10 months out of the year, the Portland Vintage Trolley line offers 21-minute Sunday runs over the MAX tracks from the Library to Lloyd Center. When the trolley reaches NE 11 Avenue, it runs on 500 feet of its own track.


Abibiti- Available for rental, this converted tugboat is shown moored at the Stanley Park Boat House in Vancouver, B.C.


Acelarates- Here's a view from the inside of Acela, Amtrak's new, high speed service between Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C.


A-Choo- More powerful than its diminutive dimensions would lead you to believe, the Sumpter Valley Railroad's 1920 Alco Mikado cuts an impressive path between McEwen and Sumpter, Oregon.


Adobe Gallery Shop- The Adobe tools I use on my computer are of far recent vintage than the adobe used to construct many buildings in Santa Fe, including this gallery.


Above The Trail- Immediately to the east of Portland's Springwater On The Willamette Trail, thatches of urban woodland separate the four-mile path from the southeast Portland neighborhoods that overlook it.


Against A December Sky- On a foggy day in early December, an evergreen tree is the only leaved fauna. I took this shot from the dome car of the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train, which runs along the shore of Lake Washington east of Seattle.


Against The Grain- The contents of this grain elevator near Malta, Montana, could probably feed a small town for a month.


Albany Station- At Albany, Oregon, a two-level Amtrak Coast Starlight train pulls up to the depot. The building in the far background serves as the station.


A-ledged- I shot this picture from a ledge, north of Florence on the Oregon Coast.


All Aboard- It's a quiet afternoon in coach on the Tillamook Bay Railroad, a tourist operation along a short stretch of the northern Oregon coast.



All Aboard The Wine Train- We are about to board one of the coaches for the 18-mile run from Napa to St. Helena, Calif.


All Along The Watchtower-- At more than 5,000 feet above sea level, the U.S. Forest Service's fire lookout tower sits atop Lava Butte about 10 miles south of Bend, Oregon.


All Downhill From Here- Heaven for skiers, this is one of many skiing areas just east of Winter Park, Colorado.


All In The Bag- As our Portland Vintage Trolley car rounds the bend, one wonders what is in the four bags parked near Southwest First Avenue and Yamhill Street in downtown Portland. If we saw this right after 9/11, it probably would have freaked out Ashcroft.



All In The (Burlin)game- On a Sunday afternoon, our southbound CalTrain commuter coach pauses at the busy Burlingame, Calif. stop.


All The World Is A Sage- Sagebrush dominates the roadside path along the Crooked River Dinner Train's 19-mile route from just north of Redmond, Oregon to Prineville.


All Uphill From Here- The ride through Nebraska starts a gradual climb toward Colorado, and the Rockies. Weíve just crossed the state line into Colorado.


Alone Again Oar- With the greenery of Washington State's Whidbey Island in plain view, an oarsman pilots his small craft through an inlet of Washington State's Puget Sound.


Among Their Souvenirs- After a stop-over at the Columbia Winery in Woodinville, Wash., passengers toting wine and other souvenirs from the wineryís gift shop are set to re-board the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train for the 70-minute return trip to Renton.


An Autumn Shade of Green- On Vancouver Island, the rugged country north of Vancouver offers trees beginning to dip into the varied palette of fall.


Ancient History- This view from the Sheep Rock Unit of Oregon's John Day Fossil Beds National Monument is as of a time machine in the earth.


Anicia's Lane- Anicia Lane, who died in July, 1988, was the love of my life. The last time I saw her was at around 10 a.m. on Monday, December 14, 1987. After spending the weekend together at her home in Fairfax, Va., she dropped me off at Washingtonís Union Station at the exact spot pictured in this photograph. I consider the location hallowed ground.


Another Friday Bite- We Northwesterners love to picnic in the summer. As this scene just north of Seattle shows, summer is when our skies are the bluest. We are on the Empire Builder, just a few miles north of King Street Station.


Apollo 11- The Apollo 11 Command Module is now stored at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. I visited there in December, 2002.


Approaching The Surf- In San Francisco, the N-Judah line starts out underground, but soon surfaces to take Judah Street to within a couple of blocks of the Pacific Ocean.


Arching To Victoria- This scene looks out from the harbor at Port Angeles, Washington. Victoria, B.C. is an hour away by ferry and about 20 minutes by seaplane.


Astoria Station- At the Astoria Railroad Station in Astoria, Oregon, a few earlybirds await the 4:45 p.m. departure of the Oregon Coast Explorer.


Atlanta Freeway- MARTA's North-South rail line passes over the Interstate 75/85 Connector on its way downtown. Although I took this picture in February, 2002, the hazy sun reminds me of what the skies over Atlanta look like in the summer.


At Qualicum- Here on the eastern shore of Vancouver Island, a lone sea gull stands at the intersection of the land and sea.


At The Grove- On the way back to its origination point at Wickersham, Washington, the Lake Whatcom Railway pauses for about 20 minutes at this wayside grove.


Azurite - Behold this deep, blue ornamental stone. Found this specimen at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.


Baby Got Groove- On a December Sunday in the Old Town section of Alexandria, Virginia, this adorable, bubble-faced little girl was captivated by the flute-imbued music of a Peruvian Indian band.


Back To Yakima- The Yakima Valley, (Wash).Trolley is leaving Selah on its nearly six-mile run back to its Yakima base. After a few years of mothballed status, the tourist line resumed operations in July, 2002.


Backing In- Our Snoqualmie Valley Railroad train backs in to the North Bend, Washington depot. About 15 minutes later, we will be on our way down to Snoqualmie.


Back Shore Zone- Seaweed and intertidal fauna are found in back shore zones, such as in this environment on Puget Sound in Edmonds, Washington.


Balcony Before Sunset- About one hour before sunset, facing east from my upstairs balcony in Portland.


Barely A Ripple- On Puget Sound's Elliott Bay, this afternoon finds the normally lively waters seemingly as calm as a farm pond.


Barn Again- On the return trek from Mineral Lake, the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad once again passes this pastoral scene.


Barns Ignoble- Two barns, partially burned and long abandoned. I know people like that. Do you?


BART Car- Streaks of sunlight appear through the windows of a BART subway car.


Batterson Bypass- On the way from Wheeler to Cochran, Oregon, our Port Of Tillamook Bay Railroad Fall Foliage train passes through Batterson, a former interchange stop for loaded and empty cars. This siding is more than one mile long.


Bay Day- We are riding south on the Oregon Coast Explorer, headed for the southern terminus of Garibaldi.


Baying At The Bridge- Here's a view of the northern offload to San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. Sausalito is barely out of view to the right.


BC Ferry- A giant, six-level BC Ferry vessel is set to leave Tsawwassen on its way to Nanaimo, B.C.


BC Parliament Lights- In Victoria, the British Columbia provincial Parliament building is lit up at night, and has been for many decades. The 3,000-light effect is awe-inspiring.


BC Parliament Sketch- I used a sketch effect to produce this art rendering of the British Columbia provincial Parliament building in Victoria. The building is lit up at night by means of 3,000 white lights.


Bear Paw Mountains- Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce Indians, surrendered to the U.S. Army here. In words immortalized in a folk song familiar to many Northwesterners, he lamented, "From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever."


Be There And Be Square- Downtown Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square was built where a parking lot once stood. On sunny, warm days - unlike this one - it is a gathering point for office workers eating their brown-bag lunches. The Square is also a stop on Portland's MAX line.


Being John Laroquette- From this position, the anonymous picknicker at the Skunk Train's Northspur, California campground looks a bit like actor John Laroquette. Don't you think?


Bellingham Pullout- On its way to San Juan Island in Washington State, our San Juan Explorer catamaran backs out of the Bellingham Cruise Terminal. Amtrak and Greyhound are across the street.


Bellingham Station- Northbound to Vancouver, B.C., Amtrak's Mount Baker International pulls into Bellingham, Washington.


Bellevue View- The 24-mile route of the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train runs mostly through waterfront and pastoral settings. This view of the thriving suburb of Bellevue, Wash., is an exception.


Bend But Not Break- On a blustery day in January, 2003, the winds along the northern Oregon Coast just south of Cannon Beach gave these trees a demanding test.



Better Than Driving- Dark for want of a light source, this is a picture of the Los Angeles subway, known officially as the Red Line.


Between A Rock And A Hard Face- On its route from Tsawwassen south of Vancouver to port as Swartz Bay north of Victoria, B.C., the B.C. Ferry passes several rocky outcroppings.


Between The Clouds- Fog in the valley and clouds in the sky sandwich the hills along the route of the Pend Oreille Valley Railroad from Ione to Metaline Falls, Wash.


Between The Poles- Skiers on Oregon's Mount Hood need to balance themselves on the snow, and glide gracefully around the poles. From the looks of it, not all succeed all the time.


Beware The Tides Of Marsh- Ankle-deep, and occasionally knee-deep, marsh flats pervade the western shore of Washington State's Willapa Bay.


Beyond The Gate- Lie the remains of many, who have given their lives to the cause of a free nation.


Biggs- As the westbound Empire Builder wends its way through the Columbia River Gorge, it passes a bridge that takes travelers to Biggs, Oregon, on the other side of the river.


Bikes On Spikes- Many of CalTrain's double-decker passenger cars have been repainted. Others are new to the fleet. And as you can see, many trains come with a separate car for bicycles.


BinginInBingen- The workmanlike town of Bingen, Washington is in view from the right side of the westbound Empire Builder. Off to our left, out of view of the camera, is the windsurfing capital of Hood River, Oregon.


Birch Society- As we can see from the Tillamook Bay Railroad, birch trees line the hills above the Nehalem River near Wakefield, Oregon.


Bird Break- In and around Cascade Locks, Oregon, numerous tiny unnamed islands provide a brief respite and "rest stop" for river fowl.


Birth Of Creedence- This is an aerial view of El Cerritos, Calif., taken from the elevated BART line that passes through this area. John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival was born somewhere below.


Bite Bytes- For one weekend every August, Portland's Waterfront Park on the west shore of the Willamette River turns into a bacchanalia of food, drink, and cool music.  This shot was taken on Friday, August 11, the first day of the 2000 event.  The sparse workday crowd grew exponentially closer to dark, and achieved near-gridlock proportions that weekend.


Blaine Playing Field- Almost exactly on the Washington-British Columbia border, this field in Blaine, Washington is suitable for many types of sporting activities.


Blowing Off A Head Of Steam- The steam engine of the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad vents every once in a while. Me, too.


Blue Mountain- Washington State's Lake Whatcom Railway passes within sight of Blue Mountain, about 20 miles to the northeast.


Blue Streaks Across The Sky- This art shot was taken with special effects settings. I won't tell you of what.


Boarding At Banks- We are in the old lumber and railroad town of Banks, Oregon, getting ready to board the Pacific Sunset Summit Train on a 19-mile jaunt up to the Timber-Cochran area near the peak of the Oregon Coast Range.


Bobbed Like A Cork- From my 14th floor room window at the Hyatt Embarcadero in San Francisco, I caught this visage of a wave-tossed computer ferry boat bobbing up and down on its way to shelter at the ferry slip.


Bon Voyage- The three-minute Willamette River crossing of Oregon's Canby Ferry is a throwback to days when water-spanning country bridges were uncommon. Now operated by Clackamas County, this operation has been running since 1914 and carries 90,000 passengers a year.


Boozin' For A Cruisin'- Several cruise ships and ferry lines leave Bellingham, Wash. for points in the San Juan Islands, British Columbia and Alaska. Many carry passengers who imbibe from the stocks of cold brew carried on trucks such as the one pictured above.


Bored- Not the name of a slacker Web site, but the west portal of the Robertson Tunnel, the Portland light-rail system's burrow under Washington Park.


Bought The Farm- Intel did. Hawthorne Farm once saw cow chips. Now, computer chips are manufactured there - quite possibly the same chips that are running the PC you are viewing this picture on.


Boulders Dammed- The cliff sides surrounding Mount St. Helen's sport large boulders, remnants of the 1980 volcanic eruption.


Bowling Alone- I borrowed the name of a sociological book about the isolation of American citizens to describe this picture. We are looking at the inside of the Devil's Churn, a punchbowl-like formation on Oregon's coast.


Bragging Rites- The California & Western Skunk Train's railbus-like car has pulled back into its terminal in the seaside town of Fort Bragg, California.


Branching Out- As Mount St. Helens looms in the background, an old tree stump combines with what appears to be a burnt-out building to cast a mildly post-Apolyptic scenescape.


Bridge And Shack- In New Westminster, B.C., this beaten down collection of shacks and tool sheds is a stark contrast with the gleaming Skytrain rail bridge over the Fraser River.


Bridge Of The Gods- At Cascade Locks, Oregon, the Columbia River is spanned by this bridge that takes its route and its name from an old rock crossing revered by Native Americans.


Bridge Over Brackish Water- There are two John Day Rivers in Oregon. One is in the east-central part of the state. The other is this often muddy stream that runs underneath an often-stuck drawbridge along the Astoria-Portland route of the Lewis and Clark Explorer.


Byte At The End Of The Tunnel- This eastbound Union Pacific freight train has just emerged from a tunnel near Cascade Locks, Oregon. That is about 40 miles east of Portland.


Bridge Over Bubbled Water- The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge casts a late afternoon shadow on the water below.


Bridge Over Gorge- The world's longest suspension bridge towers 1,000 feet above the Arkansas River. It's a long way up -- and down.


Broiling Surf- When the wind and waves rip off California's Mendocino Coast, the tide crashes over the rocks.


Brood On The Tracks- Peasants on the tracks? No, these are actors from the Cutter Theatre in Metaline Falls, Wash. They have just "robbed" the passengers on the Lion's Club train ride we are on.


Brook Look- Slightly out of view, a brook cuts through the brush along the left side of our Chehalis-Centralia flatcar. Something below has captured the attention of all the passengers. I was concentrating on getting this shot.


Brush and Hills- Near Stinson Beach, California Highway 1 passes through hilly brush.


Brush At Leadbetter Point- Overlooking Willapa Bay, the leaves and accompanying fauna signify the late fall colors commonly observed on the trees in this area of coastal Washington.



Brushoff- After Amtrak's northbound Coast Starlight leaves California's Pacific Coast south of San Luis Obispo, scenes like this one are more the norm.


Bubbles Below- A look down at the Devil's Churn, a natural formation off the Otter Crest Loop on Oregon's coast.


Buena Vista Ferry- Run by Marion and Yamhill Counties, the two-man crew of the Buena Vista Ferry is set to cross the usually placid Willamette River.


Bunkin' In Duncan- If you decide to leave VIA Rail Canada's Victoria-Courtenay train in Duncan or Cowichan, B.C., this motel is one of the few lodging alternatives open to you.


Burlington Below- The embankment on which the Yakima Valley Trolley runs between Selah and Yakima, Wash., provides a view down at a branch line of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe. That line runs between Yakima and Ellensburg, and through a connection at Ellensburg, to Seattle.



Burbank Airport- On weekdays, more than 35 Northbound Metrolink commuter trains and several Amtrak Pacific Surfliner schedules stop at the Burbank Airport stop. Bound for L.A. and hate LAX? Try Burbank's convenient airport.



Burbanking On It- Bound for Los Angeles Union Station, a Metrolink commuter train is pulling into the downtown Burbank stop.


Burrard View- Here is a view of Burrard Inlet and the Vancouver Harbour, from our vantage point on the 15th floor of the Pan Pacific Hotel.


Busy Downtown Train Depot- In the bustling metropolis of Nehalem, Oregon, tens of thousands of harried commuters madly dash through the train terminal on their way to work. Not!!


But Is Pluto A Planet- This display outside the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum seems to imply that Pluto is, in fact, a planet. Some scientists are not so sure.


Bytes Out- No, this is not a movie theater, but a flash illuminating an otherwise pitch-black scene as our Pend Oreille Valley Railroad train takes us through an unlit tunnel.


Cabin-Net- Just west of Salty's seafood restaurant on the Columbia River, Cabin cruisers and more inexpensive vessels dock at a marina in the North Portland Harbor.


Cable Crossing- In San Francisco, the automobiles stop for the cable cars - and the other way around, as well.


Cable Ready- The San Francisco cable car pictured above isnít the famous line that goes to Fisherman's Wharf, but the somewhat less illustrious California Street line. As much a regular transit line than a tourist resource, this route goes from Market Street to the intersection of California and Van Ness.


California Casey- As our Skunk Train passes through the redwoods, our engineer is totally focused on the job, and the railroad ahead. But since the maximum allowable speed is 20 mph, he can only move the train so fast.


California Curve- Not long out of Fort Bragg, California, the Skunk Train must negotiate curves such as this one.



Calling All Dirt Bikes- If you live in California and drive off-road bikes, vistas like this will get you goin.'


Camping Out- The camper looks a little old and beat up, but on this summer afternoon in the Malheur National Forest, the world looks peaceful. If only it was.


Can I Get A Witness- We are peering in from the deck of our Portland Spirit boat, looking at a summertime dinner party. You may note the "No Witnesses" sign, but I guess the world knows about them now.


Can You Dig It- Spurred on by the opening of the Portland Streetcar line, construction of new condos, office buildings and restaurants is a frequent sight in downtown Portland.


Candid Camby- A charming little town full of crafts shops and flower farms, Camby, Oregon sits some 22 miles south of Portland. Several Amtrak trains zip through per day, though none stop.


Car 6135- Every day, self-propelled Rail Diesel Cars such as this one ply VIA Rail Canada's 140-mile route between Victoria and Courtenay. We are laying over at Nanaimo.


Cascading Effect- Despite the efforts of some penny-pinching conservative politicians, the Amtrak Cascades has revived the popularity of training between Portland and Seattle. As a result of this popularity, rail commuter service - such as the Tacoma-Seattle train in the background - are also catching on. Both consists are parked at Seattle's venerable King Street Station.


Casey Jones- The Astoria, Oregon Riverfront Trolley is driven by volunteers, including the motorman pictured above.


Cashed Out In Time- Yachts such as the After Eight are an impressive sight in Friday Harbor, the largest town in Washington state's San Juan Islands. I wonder if this fine vessel is owned by dot-com millionaires who cashed out - knowing that the Internet bubble was not sustainable.


Casting The Net- Native American tribal members, plus one dog, exercise their fishing rights in the Columbia River near Cascade Locks, Oregon.


Catapulting Coast Wind- It was so windy on this day along the northern Oregon Coast in January 2003, that I had to fight the gales to open my car window.


Catch A Wave- At Lincoln City, Oregon, a couple ponders the waves - and their future, perhaps? Or maybe they are just talking about whether to refinance their house.


Catch As Ketchikan- Twice a week in summer, the Alaska Marine Highway ferries people, vehicles, and even horses from Bellingham, Wash. to points north. After a 40 hour sail, the first stop will be Ketchikan, Alaska.


Cat In The Waves- With a little photo editing, you can turn day into night. When I did so, a cat appeared on the crest of this wave off California's Mendocino coast.


Cat In The Waves Close-up- That same Mendocino Waves "cat," up close and personal.


C-C Riders- A 1920-era former Union Pacific coach belonging to Washington State's Chehalis-Centralia Railroad sits, waiting to board several passengers.


Cedar Scene- The cedars in far northeast Washington State turn yellow in October. I shot this from an open window of a Pend Oreille Valley Railroad tourist train car.


Central Boulevard Scene- The elevated trackbed of Vancouver's SkyTrain provides a stage for this late afternoon view.



Chairs Lounge- The Napa Valley Wine Train's parlor car features cushy seats like these.


Channeling- The south channel of the Columbia River separates north Portland from Hayden Island. You wouldn't know it, but we are still in the city.


Chuckanut Bay- Riding south from Vancouver, B.C., our Amtrak train rides along Chuckanut Bay just north of Bellingham, Washington.


Churn Noble- A closer look at the Devil's Churn, which is a natural formation about midway up the Oregon coast.


CinderN'Smoke- The Sumpter Valley Railroad's 1920 Alco Mikado is blowing off some steam.



City South- Leaving San Francisco, our San Jose-bound CalTrain commuter train passes through non-descript warehousing areas just south of downtown.


Clatskanie Clickety-Clack- On a warm Friday morning in May, 2003, the Lewis & Clark Explorer passes just behind the well-watered lawns of Clatskanie, Oregon.


Claynation- Far from the greening effects of the Rockies, the landscape of Western Colorado near Grand Junction, starts to turn arid.


Clear Blue Mountain Lake- Tiny, clear natural lakes dot the valleys around Oregon's Mount Hood.


Cliff- An idyllic scene off the Mendocino Coast of California.


Cliffside- Scrubs and brush cling to dear life on the side of the Box River Canyon walls between Ione and Metaline Falls, Wash.


Climbing- Our Pacific Sunset Summit Train is gaining altitude on its way to the 1,835-foot high crest of the Oregon Coast Range.


Close Encounters- Remember the "mashed potatoes" scene in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind?" In June, 2002, I went on a short hike through Oregon's John Day Fossil Beds and came across this. You be the judge.


Close Encounters2- Here's an even closer look at the geological structure I call "close encounters."


Closely Watched Train- The solitary figure on the steps is looking at the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train as it prepares to leave its northern terminus at Woodinville. He seems lost in thought - a familiar emotion to me.


Cluster Of Cows- Bovine huddles such as these are often seen on the small farms just outside Mohler, Oregon. Fortunately, our Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad train will soon leave this scene, and its attendant aroma, behind.


Coach Class- We're peering in at the former Union Pacific Coach #20, now in service on the Sumpter Valley Railway in eastern Oregon.


Coast Guard Vessel- The Columbia, a U.S. Coast Guard vessel in port at Astoria, Oregon.


Coffee By The Tracks- Obviously, this coffee house is planning to generate marked new business from passengers on the new MAX Yellow Line in Portland.


Columbia Queen- The "Proud Mary" of the Northwest, the Columbia Queen plies the waters of the Columbia River between The Dalles and Astoria, Oregon.


Columbia Sternwheeler- Built in 1982, this boat runs sightseeing and dinner cruises in and around Bonneville Dam and Cascade Locks, in Oregon. You board it at Marine Park in Cascade Locks.


Columbia The Gem- We're riding Amtrak's Cascade train between Portland and Seattle, following the Columbia River.



Coming Into Los Angeles- "Coming into Los Angeles, bringin' in a couple of keys," sang Arlo Guthrie. The only "keys" I had with me on the Metrolink train were the card keys to my hotel room back in Burbank.


Coming Out of the Dark- A train on Portland's West Side rail line pulls out of a short tunnel, and into the Sunset station.


Commute This- On this busy Saturday afternoon, the Dallas-Fort Worth Trinity Railway Express pulls in to Dallas Union Station, on the way back to Fort Worth, 30 miles to the west.


Conventional- As it enters daylight, Seattle's bus tunnel provides a handy stop at the Washington Convention Center.


Cool Tomales- I shot this from the back deck of a restaurant overlooking Tomales Bay in Marin County. Scenes from Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" were filmed in the hills near here.


Corridor To Camas -We are looking out at the smokestacks of Camas, Washington, from our vantage at Crown Point, 733 feet above the Columbia River some 25 miles east of Portland.


Cove Near Sunset- On a sunny October day at the Mendocino Coast, the sun shows its first sign that it may be getting ready to quit for the day.



Coventrees- On Sauvie Island near Portland, three trees line the grassy shore of a cove formed by an inlet of the Multnomah Channel.


Cowadunga- Presented by the Yakima Valley Rail & Steam Museum Association, the tourist train run between Harrah and White Swan, Washington bears witness to the sight and smell of bovine life.


Cowichan- Every day, tens of thousands of harried commuters jam VIA Rail Canada's busy depot in the sprawling metropolis of Cowichan, B.C. But that is in a parallel universe. I've just landed back here, and I gotta be straight with ya -- this charming facility and Cowichan are made for each other.


Crested Beaut- This photo I took of the lapping Puget Sound waters off West Seattle is one of my favorites.


Crew Cut Landscape- The flora looks like crew cut hair, in this picture from the Montana Rockies.


Crooked River Consist- Preparing for its three-hour jaunt near the Crooked River in Oregon's High Desert Country, the Crooked River Railroad's Crooked River Dinner Train briefly reposes at its originating terminus just north of Redmond, Oregon.


Cropping A Field- Irrigated fields such as this one mark much of the Crooked River Railroad's 19-mile route from just north of Redmond, Oregon to Prineville.


Crossing Gait- When the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train passes at grade, drivers must pause.


Crossing Moberly- Moberly Street intersects our Downtown Historic Railway ride from Vancouver's Science Park to Granville Island.


Crossing Over- On its approach into the final mile to Portland International Airport, our Portland MAX train crosses over I-205. The train had been paralleling I-205 for more than three miles.


Crossing The Nehalem- One of many railroad spans across Oregon's Nehalem River reveals the sun's reflection on the water.


Crossing To Bear- Just a few miles north of Victoria, B.C., a railroad crossing warns motorists and pedestrians of northbound VIA Rail Canada trains such as our northbound Malahat.


Crosstown Traffic- As motorman Joe Rief prepares his vintage Yakima Valley Trolley car to cross a Yakima intersection, the concern on Rief's face suggests an abundance of caution that the crossing does not result in a collision between trolley and SUV.


Crystal Lights- With apologies to the popular diet drink - which my mother pours gleefully when I come to visit - we are looking over at the office towers of Crystal City, Va. Our vantage point is the Washington Metro.


Current Events- Between The Dalles and Hood River, the Columbia River shimmers.


Curtains Of Light- An art shot, for sure. That's all I am gonna tell ya.


Curving Into Kenton- Our northbound MAX Yellow Line train is rounding the bend into the Kenton/North Denver Avenue station.


Crystal Dolphin- A twilight cruise on Portland's Willamette River draws us close to the Crystal Dolphin, an elegant cruise yacht.


Cutting The Waves- A group of power-boat enthusiasts relax as their boat makes waves along Portland's Willamette River.


Damnation- The Box Canyon Dam plugs up the Pend Oreille River at Metaline Falls, Wash. This is the northern terminus of the Pend Oreille Valley Railroad.


Dapple Of My Eye- Riding the rails from San Diego to Los Angeles, I caught this fleeting glimpse of late afternoon's dappled yellow sunlight, streaking its way between the leaves of a seaside grove, and then against the windows of our speeding train.


Dappling The Nehalem- Trees just above the shore of Oregon's clear Nehalem River sometimes interact with bright sunlight to cast shadows on the water.


Daughter Of Gertie- The Tacoma-Narrows Bridge collapsed 60 years ago. This newer bridge is far more sturdy, and barring major disaster, won't suffer the same fate anytime soon.


Dead N'Buried- Wild West denizens find their final resting place in this makeshift grave just off the Sumpter Valley Railway near Sumpter, Oregon.


December At The Lake- One must surmise that the atmosphere is quite cozy and comfy inside the house overlooking Lake Washington. We are riding the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train, and are only a few miles north of its southern terminus in Renton.


Decked Out- With many of their owners on the observation decks, cars loaded on the Bremerton-Seattle Washington State Ferry wait to be driven off the boat.


Declarations- On Amtrak's route between Vancouver, B.C. and Seattle, conductors pass out customs declarations forms to be filled out when our train reaches the border at Blaine, Washington.


Deep Sit- The Washington Park station of Portland's light rail system sits 260 feet below the ground. It is the deepest subway station in North America, and the second deepest in the world.


Denver Light Rail- This train on Denver's new extension to its light rail line is an attempt by the sprawling Rocky Mountain metropolis to take some cars off its often-clogged roads.


Denver Union Station- This magnificent old terminal hosts one Chicago-bound, and one San Francisco-bound, train each day. Additional trains to nearby ski resorts run during the winter.


Depot On Wheels- Now more charmingly derelict than functional, the Chehalis "depot" sits on wheels just off the tracks of the Chehalis-Centralia Railroad. Steam from the train's engine is starting to appear.


Desire Named Streetcar- Seattle's Waterfront Streetcar opened up as a tourist line, but now gets its share of workaday riders. It's pulling into the station and we're about ready to board.


Destination Victoria Station- On a clear Sunday evening, our one-car Via Rail Canada Malahat train has just returned to whence it started today's travels in Victoria, B.C.


Dibblee Island- On the lower Columbia River north of Rainier, Oregon, pristine Dibblee Island and its accompanying slough host several serene spots for kayakers.



Different Kind of Martini- When is a "martini" not a martini? When it is a premium wine from the Louis Martini winery in the heart of California's wine country. I took this picture from the Napa Valley Wine Train.


Diggin' For Dollars- This machinery once helped mine for gold. It is now on display at the Sumpter Valley Gold Dredge in Sumpter, Oregon.


Disap-pier- Unknown to all but a few Oregonians, the ferry that crosses the Clackamas River sits idle on this springtime Sunday afternoon.


Divergence-Just west of the MAX Rose Quarter station, the MAX Yellow Line splits off for its own tracks. A northbound, 5.8 mile ride to Expo Center awaits us.


Divine Ridge- I shot this from U.S. 395, as it passes the 5,340-feet Divine Ridge Summit on the way from Burns to John Day, Oregon.


Do The Loco-motion- Throughout the year, a steady procession of Spirit of Washington Dinner Train diners, wine and lots of yummy chow are pulled by WCRC 84.


Do The Lummi Rock- Lummi Island in the San Juans is named for the Lummi Tribe of Native Americans.


Do You Know The Way To Santa Fe- We're taking the Turquoise Trail, a series of back roads that traverse the mountain passes for around 65 miles between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, N.M.


Dock In Pastel- This file is not a photograph per se, but an illustration that shows my artistic treatment of a photograph I took of the Canby Ferry slip south of Portland, Oregon.


Dock Of The Bay- A small dock, a sunlit bay and a large horizon dominate this view of San Francisco Bay, taken just east of the Golden Gate Bridge's northern landing. The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is in the background.


Dock Of The Way- After leaving Canby, Oregon a little more than two minutes ago, the Canby Ferry is set to dock on the other side of the Willamette River. Our location is about eight miles east-northeast of Wilsonville.



Dome Alone- The Napa Valley Wine Train's dome car provides a bird's eye view of the more than 40 vineyards passed on its 18-mile jaunt.


Dome Alone2- This is one of the two dome cars of the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train.


Don't Blaine Me- Mudflats and tidepools predominate in Boundary Bay, which straddles the U.S.-Canada border between Blaine, Wash. and White Rock, B.C.


Don't Miss Mississippi- The festive atmosphere just outside our northbound MAX Yellow Line Albina/Mississippi stop indicates that this day marked the line's debut.


Down A Lazy River- Although rapids permeate portions of its route, Oregon's McKenzie River is placid and almost stream-like during some stretches.


Down At The Depoe- Here's a look out at the Pacific Ocean, from the whale-watching center of Depoe Bay, Oregon.


Down To The Crossroads- After leaving its Elbe terminus, the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad parallels Washington Highway 409 for a short while.


Down To The Sea- San Francisco's Powell-Mason cable car line is on its downward run toward Fisherman's Wharf and San Francisco Bay.


Downtown Harrah- A small town of some 550 people within the boundaries of the Yakama Nation in Washington State, Harrah is the departure point for the Toppenish, Simcoe and Western run 11 miles west to White Swan.


Downtown Vancouver- The westbound Empire Builder is set to cross Interstate 5, and enter downtown Vancouver. The round structure is Smith Tower.


Down Track- Not a very high-res shot, but cropped to highlight the trackbed and hide the glare from the cab of the new Tacoma Link light-rail car on its maiden voyage from downtown back to the Freighthouse Square station 1.6 miles down the track.


Driftwood- It would be interesting to learn of this driftwood's journey from the forest to the sand at Lincoln City, Oregon.


Drivin' That Train, High On Propane- An electric generator is the source of power for the Issaquah Valley Trolley, which the eponymous Seattle suburb first saw in April, 2001.


Drooling Fish- This trout seems to have swallowed a bit more than he can handle. Fish can drool, I guess.


Eagle On The Sand- Just south of Oceanside, Calif., the pounding Pacific surf has cut an impression into the sand into the shape of a large bird.


East Amboy- The little-known Chelatchie Prairie Railroad runs during the summer between Yacolt and Chelatchie Prairie, Wash. in northeast Clark County. East Amboy sits somewhere in the middle of the route's six mile trek.


East Bay This Way- This photo from the subterranean depths of BARTís Embarcadero Station in downtown San Francisco shows a few commuters waiting on the next train to the East Bay.


Eastbound And Down- East of Gateway, the tracks on Portland's MAX line resemble a suburban commuter railroad more than a light-rail line.


Eastern Airlines DC-3- Eastern is long-gone from the skies, as are most working (as opposed to hobbyist-flown) DC-3s. But the craft lives on at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.


East Of Everett- As the eastbound Empire Builder leaves its northerly route at Everett Washington, the scenery becomes more rural in a hurry.


East Of Hood River- The Columbia River glistens and the mountains on the Oregon side loom over the mighty waterway.


East Of The Dalles- The Columbia River may be coursing through here, but the semi-arid landscape still pervades - as it will for another 20 miles or so to the west.


East Sound And Bound- Here's a view of the beautiful East Sound, a body of water that separates the east end of Orcas Island in the San Juan Island from its western section.


East Sound Living- I know that envy is one of the "seven deadly sins," but I am going to have to write a great deal of best-selling words to afford abodes such as these, in the East Sound area of Orcas Island.


Easy Riders- No, the Portland Streetcar riders are not posing for my camera, but it sure looks like they are, doesn't it?Hi there, folks behind the glass!


Eat Seaweed- Long ago and far away, I used to smoke weed. Now I eat seaweed. A lot healthier for you. I have the feeling that the owners of this vehicle have made a similar transition.


Eating In Space- You were expecting Spagoís?


Edmonds- About seven miles north of Seattle, Edmonds, Washington is the first stop on the Empire Builder.


Edmonds Ferry- A pleasant dockside meal at Arnie's in Edmonds, Washington, provides ample opportunities to watch the ferry traffic going back and forth between the dock two blocks to the north, and the bucolic town of Kingston.


El Condor Pasa- When I encountered them on a December Sunday in Old Town Alexandria, Va.,this Peruvian Indian troupe was playing that song.


Elkhorn Pond- A clear, shimmering pond in eastern Oregon's Elkhorn Range. These peaks and hills are more commonly known as the Blue Mountains.


Embarcadero A Go-Go- As the "F" train proceeds down San Francisco's Embaracero, lunchtime vehicle and foot traffic can be seen. That's the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge in the background. The big rock is Angel Island.


End Of The Line- Denver's tourist-oriented Platte River Trolley has reached its southern terminus at 15th Avenue.


Esquimalt- Our northbound VIA Rail Canada train has departed Victoria, and is passing over the northern edges of Victoria's Inner Harbour on the way to the suburb of Esquimalt.


Esquimalt Road- Our northbound VIA Rail Canada train has departed Victoria, and is running parallel along Esquimalt Street through the provincial capital's northern suburbs.


Eugene Oh Kneel- Amtrak's Coast Starlight has stopped in Eugene, Oregon. The curved track makes the train appear to kneel a bit. OK, that was a bad pun (Eugene O'Neill).


Evergreen Air Museum- Numerous vintage aircraft are on display at, in, and around the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Oregon.


Everybody Must Get Gladstoned- A rather faceless middle-class suburb immediately south of Portland's east side, Gladstone, Oregon is traversed by Amtrak's Portland-Eugene line. Visible here, I-205 runs parallel to the tracks.


Everyone Waves At A Train- Riding along the water near the U.S.- Canada border, the sense of wonder our passing train evokes is reinforcing to rail buffs like the owner of this Web site -- and the photographer. That is one and the same.


Every Oregonian's Mountain Home- Here's Timberline Lodge, the gracefully aging ski chalet at Oregon's Mount Hood. Since this is the second-most skied mountain in the world, it follows that Timberline Lodge sees lots of business.


Expressly- In the Columbia River Gorge region, the Interstate 84 expressway runs along, and occasionally above, the south side of the Columbia River. The south side is in Oregon, the north side is in Washington State.


Factoria Clearing- North of the industrial town of Factoria, Washington, our Spirit of Washington Dinner Train passes through this semi-cleared landscape.


False Creek Sunday- On a sunny Sunday in late August, Vancouver's False Creek is full of leisure-themed marine activity.


Fence By The Sea- Four miles south of Mendocino California, septic tanks preclude the availability of public restrooms. Immediately to the left of the image, I addressed the issue, err.. first hand.


Ferry Building- At the foot of Market Street, San Francisco's Ferry Building has been a landmark since 1898.


Fields Of Green- An open patch of land flanks our Snoqualmie Valley Railroad train along the route from North Bend to Snoqualmie, Wash.


Finger On The Button- I can visualize it now - an anti-nuclear activist does a search on Google for this phrase, and has landed here. Chill, dude. It's only a motorman on the Portland Streetcar, working the controls


Fins- Look hard at the lower right section of this picture. As Scotty said in "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home," there be whales here!


Fire Breather - As my then-neighbor's oh-so-lucky boyfriend holds her in a fond embrace her daughter seems to be breathing the very fire of the fireworks display 10 miles away.


Firesticks- On a beautiful late Saturday afternoon at Victoria, B.C.'s Inner Harbour, a modestly talented juggler is playing with fire. He dropped his sticks six or seven times, but as they say, "people who live in glass houses should not throw stones."


Fireworks At Night- Look very carefully, and you might see some fireworks in the distance, on this July 4 evening in Portland.


First There Is A Mountain, Then There Is No Mountain, Then There Is- On this rather cloudy Saturday, the view to Washington's Mount Rainier is periodically obscured by the puffy stuff. Thanks to British folkie Donovan for the reference.


Fish In Wood- Wood carvings in tree trunks stand in a small pocket park near Vancouver's Science World.


Foam Alone- The new water taxi from Seattle's Pier 54 to West Seattle kicks up some foam as it picks up speed along Elliott Bay.


Foaming At The Mouth- Just off Oregon's Highway 126, the waters of Sahalie Falls come crashing down to turbulent pools such as this one. We have visited on a late weekend afternoon, when the abundant trees shield most sunlight.


Fog Over 99- A warm early morning in late spring finds Oregon Highway 99E north of Eugene framed by a fog bank. We are on Amtrak, which parallels this highway over long stretches.


Following At Foley- Off the left and invisible in this picture, a few farmhouses mark Foley, Oregon. Little more than a clearing, Foley is traversed by the Tillamook Bay Railroad and the Nehalem River.


For Sedimental Reasons- Here, near the entrance to the John Day Fossil Beds, the sediment-bearing John Day River is set to duck into a cave.


For Everett Yours- The Empire Builder has just left Everett, Washington. In less than a minute, the train will enter a tunnel and then emerge on an eastbound trek. Two days later, it will arrive in Chicago.


Forest Clump- A thick, wooded area overlooks Portland's Willamette River as we take the SamTrak tourist train along its eastern shore. You'd never know it, but you're still in the city -- only about two miles from downtown. Is your city as green so close to its downtown core?


Forest From The Trees- Scenes like this are common on the Tillamook Bay Railroad. We are near Wakefield, headed to Salmonberry.


Forest In Black and White- Special effects from a forest off to the southeast of Mt. Sat. Helen's. This forest did not suffer from the 1980 volcanicexplosion.


Former Estate- The western view outside our Pend Oreille Valley Railroad car from Ione to Metaline Falls, Wash, reveals a field where an estate once was.


Fort Lauderdale Airport Station- South Florida's Tri-Rail commuter line makes a stop near Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. A shuttle bus meets each train and takes passengers to the terminals.


Fort Lauderdale Amtrak- This stop, about two miles west of downtown Fort Lauderdale, is called on by dozens of commuter trains and several Amtrak trains per day.


Foss Cross- Here's the Nehalem River, taken from our open-car Tillamook Bay Railroad train near the clearing at Foss, Oregon.


Fossil Beds Entrance- We are on U.S. Highway 26, about to enter the Sheep Rock Unit of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument.


Fossil Beds Visitor Center- This house looks like a bed and breakfast, but it is really the official headquarters of the three-site, 14,000-acre John Day Fossil Beds National Monument.


Fourteen Joys- When Bob Welch used the phrase "fourteen joys and a will to be merry" in "Sentimental Lady," I had no idea what he was talking about. Without shame, I expropriate that reference to describe this view of Washington State Route 14, near Stevenson, Wash.


Framed By The Hills- A seat on the right side of an eastbound SkyTrain in Vancouver provides vistas of mountains not that far to the north.


Fraser River Crossing- On the way to Vancouver's SkyTrain Blue Line terminus in Surrey, the train crosses the Fraser River on a high bridge.


Freedom Train- On June 28, 2003, the former Southern Pacific 4449, which once helmed the American Bicentennial Freedom Train in 1975 and 1976, provided the motive power for a one-time-only excursion from OMSI in Portland south to the Sellwood neighborhood.


Freighter Foto- I didn't get a look at their insignia, but I do know they were outbound from Seattle. That's Puget Sound, of course.


Fremont Frame- Pulling out of Portland's Union Station, the northbound Amtrak Cascades nears the double-decked Fremont Bridge.


Friday Harbor Friday- We are set to dock at Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands. And, in a serendipitous footnote, it is Friday!


From Pier To Pyre- Apparently a victim of a long-forgotten fire, this pier along the waterfront of the Columbia River in Astoria, Oregon shows only pilings of its former role as a moor for ships and boats.


From Plane Thru Pane To Plain- Nebraska, at 33,000 feet.


From Pole To Pole- Skiers on Oregon's Mount Hood successfully navigate the obstacles with grace. Would it be that we could all do this.


From Rail To Trail- The Rio Grande Ski Train leaves Denver three days a week, and takes skiers to the trails of the Winter Park ski area, about two hours to the west of Denver. The train is laying over at Winter Park, and will take passengers back home to Denver this evening. Then, many of them will stop off at the brewpubs of Denver's revived LoDo District before they drive home.


From The Cab- Looking south from just behind the train operator's cab, riding on Denver's new light-rail line to Littleton, Col.


From The Inside- At least as much of a municipal conveyance than a tourist line, San Francisco's F train starts loading passengers for the ride back from Fisherman's Wharf toward downtown.


Function At The Junction- Washington Highway 7 crosses the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad. Make the turn, and you're headed to the lumber town of Morton, Washington.


Future Site Of Star Fleet Academy?- If I have my geography and my "Trekking" down right, the Mount Tamalpais area of Marin County (to the left of the Golden Gate Bridge) is where Star Fleet Academy will one day be "built."


Gastown Clock- Replete with souvenir shops, great restaurants and nightlife, Vancouver's Gastown is symbolized by this steam clock. It emits its loudest whistle on the hour, and draws many digital camera-toters in the process.


Gate Open- South Florida offers numerous water taxi rides. Here, we sail on the New River in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Up ahead, the Andrews Avenue drawbridge is open to let larger water traffic by.


Gateway To City- Having started its inbound trip at Portland Airport 13 minutes ago, a MAX train pauses at the Gateway station on the way to Portland's City Center.


Gathering Moss- Twenty-two years after the eruption of Mount St. Helens, the scorched soil springs to life again with mossy growth. A "rolling stone may gather no moss," but the peak does.


Gayle Warning- This is the Gayle Warning, based in Gig Harbor, Washington. I wonder how long it will take the owners of this yacht - or one of their friends, to stumble across this picture via a Google search.


Gaze And Dalles- The busy Columbia River port of The Dalles, Oregon, is on the other side of the bridge.



Gazing At Glendale- Just six miles north of Los Angeles Union Station, the Glendale stop is a busy facility for Amtrak, Metrolink commuter trains, plus Greyhound and local buses.



Gazing At The Grass- A grassy promontory on Sauvie Island, just outside Portland, Oregon.


Gee, It's Algae- Eastern Oregon's Blue Mountains and surrounding high grassland frame this image of a peaceful pond.


Get Your Kicks On Pier 66- The northbound Empire Builder has just pulled out of its mile-long downtown tunnel. Pier 66 and the Bell Street station of the parallel Waterfront Trolley are in plain view.


Get Your Pix On Route 66- The Washington Metro parallels I-66 for much of its route between Falls Church and Vienna, Va.


Getting Down- No, we are not talking about a jam session, or about, well, ya know. We are looking downward at the people riding the giant escalator down to the Peachtree Center subway station in downtown Atlanta.


Getting On The Trolley- The pleasures of fatherhood - a Dad has taken his young son to ride the trolley in Issaquah, Washington. What is it with boys and trains? With me, and trains? I'm still a kid, I guess.


Getting The Ship Together- On weekend mornings, it is not uncommon to see at least one such vessel preparing to leave the Vancouver Cruise Ship Terminal.


Getting Your Rocks Off- From time to time, Yakima Valley Trolley motorman Joe Rief needs to get out of his vehicle and sweep the track clean of pebbles and rocks.


Ghostly Girl- Is that a reflection, or does the amply cleavage-d form of a ghost haunt the woods of southeast Portland?


Gingerbread Estates- Was it built, or baked? Only the residents of this cute home in Yacolt, Washington know.


Give Me Your Answer True- Daisy is a locomotive on display at the Skunk Train depot in Fort Bragg, California.


Give Photoshop A Workout- Your assignment for today, class, is to edit the photo of this boat at the Edmonds, Washington marina, to a point of clarity where you will be able to read the phone number on the For Sale sign in the window.



Glass In The Pane- On the Napa Valley Wine Train, a vintage,half-consumed Chardonnay sits on a table.


Glisten, People- On this stretch of U.S. 12 in the mountains of Washington State, snow hangs on well into the spring.


Going Down With You- Two scuba divers are planning to dive into the frigid waters of Seattle's Elliott Bay. If you found this pix with something more base on your mind, ha!


Go Fly A Kite- The Pacific coast at Lincoln City is a kite-flying mecca. Today, however, only one butterfly kite floats through the air.


Go To Idaho- I shot this mountainous Idaho scene from a Frontier Airlines jet.



Go With The Blow- Not drugs. I am referring to sailing on lazy days like this.


Go Your Own Way- Near San Juan Capistrano, California, a Metrolink commuter train from Los Angeles heads south toward Oceanside. We are headed north, toward Los Angeles.


Going To The Grove- On summer mornings, the Pacific Sunset Summit Train stops at a grove where a cookout is served. We are just a few short miles from the juicy spare ribs and chicken.


Good Morning Sunshine- A sunny May morning in a remote section of Northern California rendered this perfect mosaic of hill, sky, sun, and trees.


Goose Is Loose- That's the Grumman Goose, a storied commuter plane on display at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.


Gorge Bound- For a stretch near Wishram, Washington, the westbound Empire Builder seemingly straddles the waters of the Columbia River.


"Gorge-ous"- Central Colorado's Royal Gorge line seemingly cuts a path through this gorge.


Gorge Widens- West of Pasco, Washington, the Columbia River begins to take on Gorge-like width. We are not in the Gorge yet. One needs mountains for that. Fret not, for the true Gorge begins not too far to the west of this view.


Got Fish?- After a meal at Astoria, Oregonís Cannery Cafť, a well-fed patron stands arms akimbo as he waits for the Astoria Riverfront Trolley to stop.


Granville Island Station- Our handsome, 1905-era Interurban 1207 car sits at Vancouver's Downtown Historic Railway's Granville Island terminus.


Gray Matters- Although specks of blue peak out on this cloudy day, the mountainsides of Washington State's White Pass are shrouded in gray clouds.


Gray Skies- You wouldn't know it, but we are in the city of San Francisco, on a quiet stretch of Pacific Ocean beach.


Great Northern Exposure- An impressive, well-preserved Great Northern Railway S-2 locomotive is on display at the Amtrak depot in Havre, Montana. What a beautiful machine!


Green and Blue- The Pacific Ocean surf on a typical fall day near Mendocino, California.


Green Balls- Some shots happen by accident. But no matter, because I like it! Reminds me of an unexplored region of space, where everything is weird and natural laws do not apply.



Groovy Grove- What appears to be a small cabin cruiser navigates the Multnomah Channel, which separates Oregon's Sauvie Island from the mainland. Notice the houseboats on the far side of the water. This area is a great, secluded picnic spot.


Grove Move- Oregon Coast Explorer's 1953-vintage Rail Diesel Car pulls into the Nehalem Bay Winery terminus.



Grovin'- Get into this beach-y grove, somewhere near Santa Barbara on Amtrak's northbound Coast Starlight.


Gull-ible- I shot this from the deck of a ferry going from downtown Seattle to Bainbridge Island. This gull matched our boat's every move.


Gull On Well-Worn Sand- The Pacific Coast beaches near Ocean Park, Washington see their share of dune buggies, SUVs, bikers and off-roaders. This gull stands firm on the inconstant ground.


Gulls and Sunset- As the sun begins to set over the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco gulls size up opportunities for their last meal of the day.


Halfstaff- A few miles north of Bellingham, Washington, our northbound Amtrak train passed through an industrial facility. On the day we went through there, flags were at half staff to commemorate the passing of President Reagan.


Hanford Reach- Just off I-90 in Washington State, the Columbia River's northern arc cuts through an area known as the Hanford Reach. Wild horses have been spotted below.


Hanging Strings Of Light- From a July 4 fireworks display over the Vancouver Historic Reserve in Vancouver, Wash.


Harbor Bytes- Both visible in this picture, San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, and Aquatic Park beckon water-oriented leisure enthusiasts.


Hauling On Highway 47- For several miles north of Banks, Oregon, the Pacific Sunset Summit Train parallels Oregon Highway 47 on its jaunt from Banks, Oregon to lumber towns along the route.


Have A Smoke- With the freshest air imaginable, it just broke my heart that several tobacco addicts took "advantage" of this ten-minute stopover in Whitefish, Montana to further pollute their lungs. Need help? Here's a start.


Have Mercer on Me- On a gloomy Saturday afternoon in December, the pricey homes of Mercer Island, Wash. are barely visible through the Lake Washington fog. The Spirit of Washington Dinner Train is passing through the soup at speeds up to 35 miles per hour.


Hay, There- Dozens of hay bales are gathered near the tracks of Washington state's Chehalis-Centralia Railroad.


Haystack Rock Stare- This rainy day finds three tourists awed and dwarfed by Haystack Rock. The monolith is just south of Cannon Beach.



Headed South- When the Napa Valley Wine Train reaches its northern terminus just past St. Helena, Calif., the locomotive comes off the front of the train and takes a spur track to the rear. The rear then becomes the front.


Helen On Reel- Well, I am the punster, and also the passenger - of the Yacolt & Chehatchie Prairie Railroad. The engineer was kind enough to stop long enough for us to take this shot of Mt. St. Helens.


Hello, Cleveland- At Cleveland Avenue, Portland's east side MAX line reaches its eastern terminus. Thanks to "Wayne's World" for that clichťd but appropriate line.


Helter Shelter- At "F" route trolley stops along San Francisco's Embarcadero, small shelters like this one are the only protection from the elements.


Herd And Seen- As diners feast on prime rib aboard central Oregon's Crooked River Dinner Train, grazing cattle feast as well.



Herded Through The Grapevines- Scenes like this are common on the Napa Valley Wine train.


Here Comes The Streetcar- As we look down Northwest 10th Avenue toward downtown Portland, the Portland Streetcar is headed toward our stop.


Here Comes The Vintage Trolley- On a rainy fall Sunday, a replica of Portland's Council Crest trolley cars pulls up to its eastbound origination point at the Library-Southwest Ninth Avenue station in downtown Portland.


Hereís How We Make It- An official at Woodinville, Washingtonís Columbia Winery sizes up a new group of tour guests.


Here's Looking At Union Pacific, Kid- Fishing nets along the south shore of the Columbia River frame this shot of a Union Pacific freight, eastbound out of Portland, Oregon some 40 miles to the west.


High Above The Fraser- As our Amtrak train works its way eastward from New Westminster to Vancouver, B.C., the Skytrain rapid transit line runs on the bridge across the Fraser River.


High Desert Dessert- The trailer visible in the right side of the picture is the main food prep and storage area for the Oregon High Desert's Crooked River Dinner Train.


High Or Low?- The new Sounder commuter train between Seattle and Tacoma has two decks.


High Over The Highway- On its 24-mile route from Renton to Woodinville, Wash., the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train crosses over I-405 several times.


Highway To Hill- I've borrowed the title of this photo from an old AC-DC song. That hill is actually at the edge of the Seacliff neighborhood, where many of San Francisco's former dot-com billionaires (now, merely millionaires) live.


Hi There, Folks- I took this photo from the Issaquah Valley Trolley. This couple looks like they are growing old together. Being able to do so with someone you love is a privilege and a gift. I wish that for you.


Hillsboro Pullout- Portland's MAX line is shown pulling out of its western terminus at Hillsboro, bound for downtown and the eastern suburbs.


Hilly Cliff- The sailing from Vancouver to Vancouver Island passes by lush, green cliffsides.


Holy Water- Some choose to worship the wind and the water, while others choose to worship by the water. In Rockaway Beach, Oregon, St. Mary's By The Sea is the closest Roman Catholic Church to the Pacific Ocean, as well as the westernmost such church in the continental United States.


Home Is Where The Pickup Is- Somewhere in Northern California, between Red Bluff and the Mount Shasta region, this family is living their lives. This may not mean much to you, but this scene captures the whole world for these people. This, my friends, is America. You don't get to see scenes like this when you fly.


Hood Peak- The water of the Columbia River is churning this morning. Mt. Hood is in the distance, and sees all.


Horseshoe Falls Spray- Here is a close up view of small but mighty Horseshoe Falls, a few miles east of Multnomah Falls and around 35 miles east of Portland.


Hot Tin Roof- Volunteers for Chelatchie Prairie Railroad do repair work in this building. Vandals set fire to the structure, leaving part of the roof exposed to the elements.


Howe Sound- We're on the British Columbia Railway's Cariboo Prospector, on the shores of Howe Sound, about 25 miles north of Vancouver, B.C.


I Am On Your Side- Two photographers are primed to take a photo of our Tillamook Bay Railroad tourist train as we are about to enter one of the line's many tunnels.


I Left My BART In San Francisco- This Bay Area Rapid Transit train is leaving the Embarcadero Station on its way to the East Bay.


I Love Rocky Road- Rocks line the high plains, just off a rural road between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, N.M.


I Promised You A Rose Garden- In Portland, Oregon, the Washington Park Zoo Train is boarding passengers at the Rose Garden stop. In another section of the park from the zoo, the Rose Garden is a tourist magnet during the spring and summer. This Rose Garden should not be confused with the eponymous sports and concert arena, three miles away on the east side of Portland.


I Saw The Light- Light from oncoming eastbound train lights up the wet station platform, producing glare as it pulls into the MAX line's Washington Park station.  At 260 feet below ground, it is the deepest subway station in North America, and the second deepest in the world.  One station in Moscow's subway is deeper.


I Shoot Myself- As our Tillamook Bay Railroad tourist train pauses to pick up a tank car at Timber, Oregon, yours truly can be seen in hard at work ... no, make that play, in the glass of the coach car immediately to the front of the flatcar I was riding in.


Idaho Mountain Hop- As you fly toward the Bitterroot Mountains of Idaho, the landscape looks increasingly stark and sharp.


Image Is Everything- On a warm Saturday night in summer, a group of friends enjoy the waters of the Willamette River in Portland. This woman appears to be staring back at herself through the windshield.


In A Child's Eye- As our ferry crosses Puget Sound headed for Whidbey Island, Washington, a child pauses in wonder at the water below. Here's hoping she never loses that sense of wonder.


In Commons- Near Woodinville, Wash., this high-end apartment complex faces a park-like, common play area.


In Control- The Starship Enterprise has nothing on the control cab of the Portland Streetcar.


In From Anacortes- The Washington State Ferry runs a regular service from Anacortes to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.. If you want to drive on San Juan Island, taking the ferry is your best option.


In Plane View- Leaving Portland International Airport, the MAX route comes within a fence and a few feet of one of the airport runways.


In Reach Clinton- There I go, punning again. That's the island city of Clinton, Washington, on the bluff. We are still pretty close to shore, but are headed toward the mainland and the town of Mukilteo.


Inter-net- That's Seattle, out past the net on the driving deck of the Washington State Ferry. We are sailing between Bremerton and Seattle, a 50-minute trip.


In Shallow Depths- An admittedly blurry freeze-frame of a video I shot during a whale and dolphin-watching cruise off Monterey Bay shows this bottle-nose dolphin swimming just underneath the surface.


In The Land of Cottonwood- Just north of Sauvie Island in the Columbia River, Cottonwood Island is deserted and idyllic.


In The Thicket Of It- Thickets of forest on facing hillsides mark much of the Tillamook Bay Railroad's run near its Salmonberry stop.


In The Wake- A medium-size touring vessel runs slightly ahead of a powerboat's wake near San Francisco's Baker Beach.


In Train View- The Chelatchie Prairie Railroad train is parked in Yacolt. When the weather is nice, riding in the open flatcar is a way cool experience.


Into The Great Green Open- As our Skunk Train goes through the deciduous forests between Fort Bragg and Willits California, trees, bushes and flowers of varying colors flank our path.


Ione Warmup- On a partly cloudy morning in mid-October, this locomotive will pull a five-car tourist train from Ione to Metaline Falls, Wash.


Island Inlets- Washington State's San Juan Island has many awesome inlets.


Issaquah Depot- A trolley comes calling on weekends, but once this building saw several trains a day on a busy branch line of the then-Northern Pacific Railroad.


Issaquah Valley Trolley- Handsome, isn't it?


Is This The City- Halfway between Hillsboro and Beaverton, Oregon, some of the scenery viewable from Portland's light-rail MAX line looks rural. We've got a better handle on sprawl than many other metro areas do.


It's January In June- You may remember the old song "It's June In January" (When You're In Love). Believe it or not, I took this shot in June, 2002, at 4,000 feet on the White Pass section of U.S. 12 in between Yakima and Morton, Washington.


It's Not My Fault- The San Andreas Rift Zone is immediately to the left, as we drive on California Highway 1 just inland from the Point Reyes National Seashore. The black vertical line is the aerial of our SUV.


It's Sum-Sum-Sumner-time- On its northern trek from Tacoma to Seattle, the Sounder commuter train pays call at Sumner, Wash.


It Was Six Thousand Years Ago Today- That the volcano taught this land to lay. About 10 miles north of Sunriver, Oregon, the 500-foot-tall cinder cone of 5,016-foot high Lava Butte reveals ash-ravaged scenes like this. Geologists believe these vistas date back six thousand years.


Jailhouse Rock- California's San Quentin prison sits on a bluff over San Francisco Bay. "Bad, bad boy, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?"


Jet Trail Over Hill- Looks like a meteor. Actually, we're seeing the separate trails from two jets, flying just to the east of Oregon's Mount Hood. Based on where they are in the sky, I'd guess they are en route from Seattle to Los Angeles.


John Day And Time- Never deep, seldom violent, but prone to glisten, the John Day River winds its way through the ancient rocks of east-central Oregon.


Joys In The Hood- Near Hood River, Oregon, a solitary windsurfer plies the waters of the Columbia River. That's Mount Hood in the background.


Just Waiting On A Train- On a Saturday afternoon in Dallas, a growing group of commuters wait for the Trinity Railway Express train to arrive. The train will make several stops on its route to Fort Worth.


Kings Highway- On a recent trip to New York City, my Monday appointment postponed the meeting until Tuesday. This gave me a chance to tour some of the city's ethnic neighborhoods, such as the polyglot enclave of Kings Highway in Brooklyn.


King Street Stop- The hotels and office buildings in this picture are located across the street from the Washington Metro transit systemís King Street station.


Knock, Knock- At the Amtrak depot in Salem, Oregon, a passenger due to board a northbound train to Portland peeks into the 1919-vintage station.


Klootchy View- Known as the Klootchy Creek Giant, this 216-foot tall, 56-foot circumference Sitka Spruce is the largest such tree in North America. At 750 years old, this is a magnificent retort to the shibboleth that "wood" suffers with age.


Know Your Limits- As the sign tells us, it's verboten to go any faster than 20 miles per hour. Not that our Lake Whatcom Railway train is capable of much faster speeds.


LaCrosse-Up- This is the eastbound Empire Builderís first stop in Wisconsin. If you found this page while performing a search for the identically spelled sport, I feel obligated to help you find what you were looking for. Even if I have no clue what the sport is about.


Ladysmith Scarecrow- Taken from our window on the northbound Malahat train from Victoria to Courtenay, B.C., this negative tone image of a tree overlooking Ladysmith looked less like a lady, and more like a scarecrow. I admit I've known both.


Lakefront Cottage- Few railside scenes are as picturesque as this bucolic view of Lake Washington. I shot this through a grimy dome car window of the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train.


Lakefront Running- On a gray day in December, the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train runs alongside Lake Washington. The day is so gray and foggy, it is hard to tell where the sky stops and the lake begins. But no complaints here!


Lake Merwin- Here's peaceful Lake Merwin, near Cougar, Washington.


Lake Merwin Overview- Looking down from Highway 503 at Washington State's Lake Merwin, host of several reservoirs and beaches.


Lake Whatcom Engine- Once, this was Northern Pacific #30. The Northern Pacific is no longer in existence, but the locomotive is. Sometimes, longevity is a powerful validation.


Lake Whatcom Shed- Where the cars of the Lake Whatcom Railway tourist line are stored most of the year.


Land Down Under- We're way underground on Portland's West Side light rail line.  Washington Park is directly over our heads.


Langford Forest- The northbound Malahat train from Victoria, B.C., passes through forested land near Langford.


LaPine Sunset In Black and White- On a rainy summer weekend, we went chasing the sun in LaPine, Oregon. With an ISO setting of 100, the colors are muted.


LaPine Sunset In Color- Note the starker colors of this sunset photo in LaPine Oregon. I took this with an ISO setting of 400.


Larney's Mill- Near as I can tell, some guy named Larney owned a mill in Vancouver, B.C. Our Downtown Historic Railway car is passing the general vicinity of where the mill once stood.


Lash La View- When railroad cars couple together (sorry, those of you who were looking for porn via Google), that's called a lash up. Here's one, Yacolt & Chehatchie Prairie Railroad-style.


Last Train To Parksville- If you miss the last train from the Rose Garden, you'll have to walk back to the main Washington Park station of Portland's Washington Park's Zoo Train.


Last Train to Parksville, B.C.- Our one car VIA Rail Canada train casts a shadow as it passes an intersection near the Vancouver Island town of Parksville, B.C.


Laurie's Watch Locket- It can be a challenge to photograph small objects, but I think I have succeeded here.


Lava Butte- Not far south of Bend, Oregon, the 500-foot-tall cinder cone of 5,016-foot high Lava Butte reveals ash-ravaged scenes like this.


Lava Logs- As we see in this scene from Mount St. Helens, when volcanic lava meets trees, the trees do not win.


Lava Wall- Born of lava, these stones have been turned into handsome rock designs by many Central Oregon homeowners. Structures such as this one are common sites along the route of the Crooked River Railroad and its Crooked River Dinner Train.


Leafless- The 1980 volcanic eruption on Mount St. Helens exploded with the force of several nuclear bombs. The trees below didn't have a chance.


Leaving An Impact- Wakes from boats and ships fascinate me. I don't know why. Maybe it is because I, too, like to make waves wherever I go.


Leaving Downtown Dallas- As our Trinity Railway Express train pulls out of downtown Dallas, tracks of the light rail DART line run parallel to the right.



Leaving Napa- Our Napa Valley Wine Train has just pulled out of the depot at Napa, Calif. We are now at the outskirts of the city.


Leaving New Westminster- In Vancouver, B.C., our SkyTrain is leaving New Westminster, on to the next station at Columbia.


Leaving Spokane- The Portland-bound Empire Builder runs through downtown Spokane on an elevated trackbed.


Ledge Domain- A sunny summer day out on my cliffside back deck in Portland's West Hills provides an idyllic view of downtown Portland and Mount Hood.


Left Then Right- On The Skunk Train, one good turn often quickly follows another.


Let Me Tell You A Story When- Riding in an open coach, a passenger on eastern Oregon's Sumpter Valley Railway appears to be telling a story to a fellow passenger.


Let's Go Metaline- Our Pend Oreille Valley Railroad train route takes us alongside Metaline, Wash., an arts community on the west side of the Pend Oreille River. This file name is homage to the old cry, "let's go Mets."


Let's Go Surfing- At Marin County's Muir Beach, small group of surfers have just negotiated the waves.


Letís Have A Picnic- A cool $225.00 plus tax gets you this beautiful picnic basket. Itís for sale at the Columbia Winery in Woodinville, Wash. The winery is the north stop on the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train.


Letís Order The- The attentive waitstaff on the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train is taking orders from dome car passengers. Note the woman in the foreground on the right side of the car, seemingly paused in thought - or reflection. There is an overlap, for sure.


Libby, Montana- Pulling into Libby, Montana on Amtrakís Empire Builder.


Life Of Oreille- Midway between Ione and Metaline Falls, Wash., our Pend Oreille Valley Railroad train is on a high trestle, crossing Box Canyon.


Light At End Of The Tunnel- A physically challenged rider sits in front of us as we ride the underground bus tunnel underneath Seattle's downtown streets. The University Drive station is in the distance.


Light At The End- This dark tunnel on the Lake Whatcom Railway was shorter than it appeared when we entered it. I think of this as a suitable metaphor for life.


Lighting The Darkness- This scene near Mt. St. Helen's is an apropos metaphor for someone who is determined to find their way in the dark.


Limestoned- Off the Sumpter Valley Railway tracks, sand and rock has hardened into this limestone formation. To me, it's beautiful.


Lindbergh's Bird- How many of todayís Trans-Atlantic passengers think back to when crossing the pond meant an act of bravery? Too bad Lindbergh disgraced himself by being an apologist for the Nazis.


Lindy Hop- When I lived in Atlanta, the exit at the MARTA subway stop at Lindbergh Center led to a parking lot. During a recent visit, I learned that office buildings are now going up in the very place I used to park my old Mazda 323 hatchback. Not only can you not go home again, but why would I want to?


Line's End- For the Portland Streetcar, this is the downtown end of the line. Within a few years, the line should be extended a few blocks east to River Place.


Line To The Airport- Near the Miami Metrorail Tri-Rail station, the Tri-Rail commuter line condenses down to one track for the last few miles of its run to the Miami International Airport terminus. From the looks of it, sure appears one track was removed some time ago.


Linnton Warm-Up - In a freight yard nine miles west of Portland's Union Station, the two-car Lewis & Clark Explorer preps for its morning run out to Astoria.


Lions Gate From Stanley Park - A view from the Prospect Point Cafe in Vancouver's Stanley Park shows the Lions Gate Bridge.


Lizard Wizard - He's thinking. About what, I'd love to know.


Lloyd Center Looking East - The Portland Vintage Trolley line has just left the MAX tracks, which are shown facing to the east. Just east of the Lloyd Center station, the MAX line descends into an open cut which parallels I-84 for five miles.


Lloyd Center Stop - The Portland Vintage Trolley pauses at its eastern destination at Lloyd Center.


Log On- One can only imagine the force and course of nature that hurled this tree trunk and its branches from the ground to its new, muddy home near the shoreline of Puget Island in the Columbia River.


Logging Off- The busy port of Pasco, Washington sees much activity generated by the logging industry.


Long View of Longview- Driving east on a descent toward Rainier, Oregon, we look down at the industrial activity taking place in Longview, Washington, just across the Columbia River. I took this shot from a moving automobile. I wonít tell my insurance agent.


Long Way Down- Precipitous cliffs are often seen on the Oregon Coast. Walkways down from the cliffs to the water, though, are quite rare.


Lonsdale Quay Market- This popular shopping and eatery destination is at the northern terminus of the SeaBus route between Vancouver and North Vancouver, B.C.


Look At Overlook Park- Here's a peak at Portland's MAX Yellow Line Overlook Park station, and the park-like activities that marked the first day of service on May 1, 2004.


Looking For America- This RV, headed east along U.S. 82 in southeastern Washington state, reminds me of the Simon & Garfunkel song of the same title as this file. In reality, the RV is probably occupied by a retired couple, who have worked darn hard to afford their vehicle. Have a great trip, folks.


Look Out Below- Embankments often carry The Tillamook Bay Railroad's tracks from Mohler to Salmonberry, Oregon.


Looking Out Below- Lost in some of her favorite music, and perhaps in her thoughts as well, a young woman sits in the upper-level observation car of Amtrak's Coast Starlight.


Look Up There- This volunteer guide on the Yacolt & Chehatchie Prairie Railroad spots something overhead. What is it?


Looks Like Rainier- Sorry, Googlers... this is the Oregon town, not the Washington mountain. But before you click on, console yourself with the fact that the town, visible from the Lewis & Clark Explorer train, is named after the peak.


Loose At Mannose- Near Mannose, B.C., Our one-car VIA Rail Canada train runs alongside the Strait of Georgia.


Loping To Lopez- Our San Juan Explorer catamaran speeds past Lopez Island, on the way to Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands. We are running parallel to a Washington State Ferry vessel due to stop on Lopez Island.


Love And Carriage- As the dusk settles over Portland's Washington Park, a married couple, presumably together for a long time, holds each other close. They are on the Zoo Train.


Lumbering Through Lombard- Northbound to Expo Center, our MAX Yellow Line train crosses busy Lombard Ave., which is also the U.S. Highway 30 bypass.


Lunch Is Served- With lunch served and wine poured, several "spirited" conversations are taking place in our Spirit of Washington Dinner Trainís dome car.


M Train- Maybe that's what the guy in the picture has been drinking too much of. Shot from an elevated subway train passing the Avenue M stop in Brooklyn. The glare is from the streaks in the window of our subway car. Sorry, I ain't no professional!


Mackenzie Forest- A forest near the Mackenzie River, between Sisters and Eugene, Oregon. I'll take the road less traveled ...


Made In The Shade- On a sunny summer Saturday, we are riding on the Tillamook Bay Railroad, going westward along forested expanse near Cochran, Oregon.


Mae Day- The N-Judah San Francisco light rail line goes through some "outer" neighborhoods not often visited by tourists. Many of these neighborhoods, such as the Inner Sunset, feature a wide variety of restaurants, such as the Mae Thip. Here's more.


Maiden Voyage- On a sunny Friday in August, 2003, public officials and train fans gathered for the debut of the Tacoma Link light rail line.


Main Line Maneuver- Oregon's Crooked River Dinner Train is preparing to back out of its terminal siding and on to the Crooked River Railroad mainline for its trip to Prineville.


Mainline Reunion- Our southbound MAX Yellow Line train is about to rejoin the main MAX line across the Steel Bridge and into downtown Portland.


Making A Splash- California's Mendocino Coast bears frequent witness to crashing waves such as this one.


Make A Tornado- At the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, there's a cool "make a tornado" exhibit. You wave your hands and click your heels, Dorothy.


Making Waves- A new wave prepares to fill the temporary ebb, just north of San Francisco's Ocean Beach,


Maltese Lost In Thought- We are used to photos of wolves surveying the landscape, but a Maltese? The contrast got me.


Manette Minute- Only a few minutes from the rough-and-tumble bars of dockside Bremerton, Washington, the handsome homes of Manette flank our Washington State Ferry vessel.


Marching To Milburn- In this mid-route view passengers on this packed open flatcar of the Chehalis-Centralia Railroad gaze out over the countryside. This was once a lumber.


Margo Jacobsen Gallery- Before Margo Jacobsen retired in 2004, I often visited this Portland, Oregon gallery on First Thursday, but couldn't seem to bring myself to spend $12,000 for a piece of sculpture. But the view from the Portland Streetcar was free.


Marin Headlands- We are just off Highway 1 as it meanders west of Sausalito, on the hop to the Coastal Trail area. Based on visual clues from the movies and television shows, it seems that Star Fleet Academy will be built around here someday.


Marina Door- San Francisco's stylish Marina District fronts the Bay. As you can see from the upward incline of several thru streets, it's a steep climb up, or a toboggan ride down. If I lived in San Francisco, I'd have my car's brakes checked regularly.


Marking The Marquam- On the southern fringe of downtown Portland, the Marquam Bridge carries Interstate 5 across the Willamette River. In about one minute, our northbound Amtrak Cascades train will pass under this not-so-charming structure.


Marsh- Where do you suppose this is? Looks semi-rural, but it is really at the western edge of the Jamaica Bay National Wildlife Refuge, near the Atlantic Ocean in Brooklyn, N.Y.


MARTA Sun- On a rather short day in February, 2002, Atlanta's MARTA line's route north of downtown catches a sun that is starting to think about calling it quits for the day in a couple of hours.


Mascall Formation- A look way down at the earth, and through time at the Mascall Formation of the John Day Fossil Beds.


Massive Mount Adams- At 12,326 feet, Mount Adams is the second tallest peak in Washington State. As summer fades, its snowy white coat holds firm.


Mastodon Bush- On a sunny Sunday afternoon in October, we were walking through the streets of Qualicum Beach, B.C. On someone's front lawn, I spotted a bush that seemed to have the tusk, head, and body shape of a mastodon.


Mast At Last- The sailboat parked at Bellingham, Wash. seems out of another time.


MAX Train- "MAX" stands for Metropolitan Area Express, Portland's rail system. This train is westbound, leaving from the Kings Hill-Southwest Salmon station.


Maxtrak- Our northbound Amtrak train prepares to enter the lower track of the Steel Bridge, and a short crossing of the Willamette River into Union Station. On the bridge's upper track, a MAX light-rail train, headed for its eastern terminus at Hillsboro, is clearly visible.


Meandering To Metaline- This old Great Northern Railway coach car is full. We are on the Pend Oreille Valley Railroad from Ione to Metaline Falls, Wash.


Meet Dredge- With apologies to Internet journalist Matt Drudge, that's the Sumpter Valley Gold Dredge in Sumpter, Oregon.



Meet Me In San Luis, Luis- Amtrak's San Luis Obispo station is a thru stop on the Seattle-Los Angeles Coast Starlight, as well as the northern terminus of a daily train from San Diego.


Meet Ya In McEwen- On a sunny morning in late September, the Sumpter Valley Railway steam train is getting ready to leave its depot in the ghost town of McEwen, Oregon.


Mendocino Churn- Another shot of timeless beauty off the northern California coast near Mendocino. I always say the Pacific Coast is a coast, and the Atlantic Coast is a shore.


Mercer Island Run-by- As our Spirit of Washington Dinner Train makes its jaunt to Woodinville near the shores of Lake Washington, Mercer Island is in the fog-shrouded distance.


Metaline Falls- This is the northern terminus of the Pend Oreille Valley Railroad's ten-mile jaunt from Ione to Metaline Falls. Nine miles south of the Canadian border, Metaline Falls' noted landmark is the Cement Silos, which were seen in Levin Costner's "The Postman."


Metro Car- Uncharacteristically empty, this Washington Metro transit car absorbs the dim sunlight of a December Sunday afternoon.


Metrotown Mesh- A passenger on Vancouver's SkyTrain has just disembarked at the Metrotown station, and is walking purposefully toward where she needs to be.


Metrotown View- High above Marine Drive in Vancouver, B.C., Vancouver's SkyTrain passes the busy Metrotown shopping center and office park area.


Miami Elevated- Close to Government Center just northwest of downtown Miami, the Metrorail line runs on an elevated trackbed.


Midway My Way- On Chicago's southwest side, our jet flies over the middle class Bedford Park neighborhood on the way in to Midway Airport.


Milbrae, My Way- On its way from downtown San Francisco to San Jose and Gilroy, the double-decker CalTrain commuter line pauses at Milbrae. Here, passengers may disembark and board a shuttle van for the seven-minute ride to San Francisco International Airport.


Mirror Image- Muddy Mirror Lake is on the east side of the Lake Whatcom Railway route northeast of Seattle. Given the name of the railroad, I'd bet that some people think that body of water is Lake Whatcom, itself. No, it is not.


Misty Morning Rock- Seemingly hatched from the large rock in the background, small rocks line what shore there is near Salmon Creek Beach. I borrowed this photo title from an old Led Zeppelin song.


Moatif- In the dusty eastern Oregon town of Sumpter, the Sumpter Valley Gold Dredge is surrounded by an artificial moat. Looks can be deceiving, for what appears to be the reflection of a forest is actually underwater shrubbery, a few inches tall.


Moby Gape- Those are orca whales down there. Swimming in the straits around the San Juan Islands, the white of their skin is reflected back to us by the sun.


More Than A Hint Of Fall- From our window on VIA Rail Canada's northbound Malahat train, an early October view yielded a view of fall's red colors.


Moody View- In September, 2004, major track work on the Portland Streetcar's RiverPlace extension transpired on Moody Avenue. I plan to be there for the March, 2005 grand opening!


Moody Views- Just south of downtown Portland, a 1928-vintage, Blackpool Tramways double-decker once carried passengers along the Willamette Shore Trolley line along industrial-themed Moody Avenue. Because the tracks on Moody Avenue have been mostly torn up for development, the line now only runs as far north as Bancroft Street, close to the trees in this picture. Here, though, it was Sunday, and the adjoining warehouses were deserted.


Moon Soon Come- Puget Sound at sunset is one of the most awesome sights in North America.


Mount Constitution- We are sailing along the East Sound of Orcas Island, in the beautiful San Juan Islands of Washington State. Several of these islands are hilly.


Movie Time- Amtrak's Cascades service between Portland and Seattle shows movies in business class. But, before you watch, read the Passenger Safety Instructions!


Moving East- As we ride westbound on the Empire Builder, the Columbia River encounters a semi-arid landscape in southeastern Washington.


Muddy Creek- Creeks and small rivers dot the landscape between Bellingham, Washington and the Canadian border less than 20 miles to the north. We are riding Amtrak between Bellingham and Vancouver.


Muddy Flats- Here, we see the mud flats of Willapa Bay in coastal Washington State.


Muddy Flats As Pasta- In this photograph, the marshy grasses in Washington State's Willapa Bay look like trendy brown pasta.


Mukilteo Dead Ahead- After a half-hour crossing, the Washington State Ferry between Clinton and Mukilteo nears its destination.


Mukilteo Picnic- Between Edmonds and Everett, Washington, the northbound Empire Builder passes through a park. It is late on a Friday afternoon, and picnickers are gathering.


Multnomah Falls From A Distance- From Larch Mountain, the water in Oregon's Multnomah Falls drops 620 feet into its pool.


Multnomah Falls Sideways- Kind of like an eerie, sci-fi vortex look, huh?


Mutual Attracktion- With their salads waiting to receive their forks, an apparently close couple waits for the Crooked River Dinner Train to take to the man line for its 80-minute trip from Redmond to Prineville, Oregon.


Named After Me- Sidewalk cafes dot Russell Street, one of the avenues crossed by the new MAX Yellow Line from downtown Portland to the Expo Center.


National Airport- Washington's Metro transit system has a convenient station at Ronald Reagan National Airport. Considering that Reagan fired thousands of well-qualified air traffic controllers, I find the appellation specious to say the least.

National Glass In The Pane- A National Glass factory overlooks the switching tracks of the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train. We have arrived in Woodinville, and are preparing to switch to a spur track that will host our roll-up to our destination at the Columbia Winery.


Natrolite- No, not the beer, but a specimen of a hydrated sodium aluminum silicate on display at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in Portland.


Natural Bridge Art- I wish I could take credit for this, but credit an unnamed Santa Fe artist for this stunning nature painting.


Navigating The Nehalem- Just before Salmonberry, Oregon, headed east, the Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad's 185-foot long steel bridge crosses the Nehalem River. This is where the Nehalem River meets the Salmonberry.


Near And Far- We are at Dallas' Union Station, waiting on a train to Fort Worth. Bound for Chicago, Amtrak's Texas Eagle has pulled up to the outer platform.


Near Umatilla- This scene looks out at the Columbia River, near the town of Umatilla, Oregon.


Nearing Ferndale- As Interstate 5 overlooks us, our northbound Amtrak train passes through Ferndale, Washington. We are just a few miles from the Canadian border.


Nearing Nanaimo- As our northbound VIA Rail Canada train enters Nanaimo, B.C.; we notice a giant condo building overlooking the harbor just a few blocks to our east. In case you are wondering, Autoplan is a Canadian insurance company.


Needle Point- The 605-foot tall Space Needle is clearly visible as we pull into Seattle Pulling into Seattle on the Washington State Ferry.


New Westminster Twister- At New Westminster, B.C., Amtrak's line into Vancouver, B.C. takes a decidedly eastbound turn.


Nehalem Bay Winery- Nestled in Tillamook County a few miles inland from the Oregon Coast, the winery has a bit of a 1960s feel to it. The weekend after I shot this photo, a tribute to former regular customer Ken Kesey was due to take place here.


Nehalem Birch- Birch trees are not an uncommon sight along the Tillamook Bay Railroad's route parallel to the Nehalem River.


Nehalem On The Rocks- Rocks and boulders line the Nehalem River between the forest clearings of Enright and Belfort, Oregon.


Nested- This osprey has claimed a home on top of a structure overlooking the Springwater On The Willamette trail near the east bank of Portland's Willamette River.


Net-Working- A fisherman casts his net out on this lazy Saturday afternoon along the banks of the Columbia River near Stevenson, Wash. The tracks above are those of the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railroad.


Newport Views- I stayed at the Shilo Inn in Newport, Oregon on an uncharacteristically sunny weekend in late October. This is what that corner of the world looked like on Sunday morning.


New Wave- In Sumpter, Oregon - as everywhere else - people love to wave at passing trains.


No Dogs Allowed- On the steep promontories near Marin County's Stinson Beach, it is dangerous and forbidden treading for our canine friends. At least our <domesticated> canine friends.


No Man Is An Island- Oh yea, John Donne? Well, that is Shaw Island, and you already know what my last name is!


None Aboard- I'm the first passenger to board this particular train car, a coach on central Colorado's Royal Gorge line.


North Bend Board- Pulling out of North Bend, Washington, on the Snoqualmie Valley Railroad. The train runs between Orth Bend, Snoqualmie, and Snoqualmie Falls.


North Bend Depot- Rebuilt from scratch in the late 1970s from on the site of a demolished facility, this is the North Bend, Wash. depot of the Snoqualmie Valley Railroad.


North In 2004- Not a political rallying cry for Oliver North, but a notation of the fact that when it opened in 2004, more than two years after this photo was taken, Portland's new North rail line now branches off from the main east-west line here at the Rose Quarter station. Here's a look back in time to when construction started on this leg.


North Killingsworth- The MAX Yellow Line train stop at North Killingsworth Avenue is proximate to a huge Kaiser-Permanente facility, just out of view.


North of Astoria- This scene is just off U.S. Highway 101, a couple of miles north of the Oregon border, across the Columbia River in Washington state.


North Of Duncan- The VIA Rail Canada Malahat train parallels Canada Highway 1 near Duncan, B.C.


North On 101 From Wheeler- Our Tillamook Bay Railroad train has just left Wheeler, Oregon. It's bound for Cochran, 33.6 miles to the northeast. At an average speed of 10 mph, it will take us more than three hours to get there. But we are not Type A personalities, so we do not mind.


North Shore- We are waterside in downtown Vancouver, looking north across Burrard Inlet to North Vancouver and more northerly, higher reaches.


Northspur- We're almost at the mid-point of the Skunk Train's 40-mile woodsy trek from Fort Bragg on the California Coast to Willits, off U.S. Highway 101.


North To Portland- This Amtrak Cascades train is pulling out of Salem, Oregon. It will arrive in Portland a little more than an hour from now.


North To Seattle- The Sounder commuter train sits at Tacoma, warming up for an early morning jaunt to Seattle.


North Vancouver- A stunning view of North Vancouver, taken from Stanley Park in Vancouver, B.C.


Not Like A Rolling Stone- Behold the gathering moss near a creek in Northspur, California.


Not So Gently Up The Stream- Arkansas River rafters battle the currents, as we watch from our open coach on central Colorado's Royal Gorge line.


Not Your Average Waiting Room- Washington Union Station's lobby features Center Cafe. I had a great tuna sandwich there.


Nova Looks- As our Seattle-Bellingham Amtrak Cascades train passes from Samish Bay into Bellingham Bay, the twilight sun seems to explode against our window.


Nuke Of URL- The Portland-Astoria Lewis & Clark Explorer passes very close to the decommissioned Trojan Nuclear Power Plant just east of Rainier, Oregon. The plant is also visible from the Amtrak Cascades route to Seattle on the opposite shore of the Columbia River.


Obstruction Pass- We are sailing between Orcas and Blakely Island in the San Juan Islands. Obstructions such as this one, I will take any time.


Ocean Beach- Near the end of a summer day, San Francisco's four-mile-long Ocean Beach is starting to thin out. During the day, Ocean Beach is a favorite of surfers.


Ocean Spray- I'm talkin' real ocean spray, not the cranberry juice.


Odwalla- By the presence of these trucks trackside near Ferndale, Washington, one can tell that Odwalla is a popular beverage in that neck of the woods.



Oh, Susana- Our Amtrak train is deep in the Santa Susana Mountains, just south of Simi Valley, Calif.


Ol' Number 3- We are looking at one of two 1920-era locomotives owned by the Sumpter Valley Railway in northeastern Oregon.


Old And New- The Portland Streetcar we are riding in was constructed in 2001. The trolley in the distance is a replica of Portland's Council Crest cars, which ran in the first half of the 20th century. If two or more of the five modern streetcars are available, the older vehicle will be pressed into service.


Old 97- Looking down from Lava Butte south of Bend, Oregon, U.S. Highway 97 sits far below us. We are looking north, toward the southern sections of Bend, Oregon at the top of this photo.


Old School- Portland's South Park Blocks cut just to the west of the Portland State University campus. One of the school's older buildings appear on the right.


On A Day In November 1963- Just out of Dallas Union Station, the Texas School Book Depository is visible outside the meshed-covered window. The grassy knoll is immediately in front of the building. If you do not recognize the significance of this image, your knowledge of American history is sorely lacking.


On Drugs- London Drugs is a popular Canadian drug store chain. The main sign for one of their downtown Vancouver locations can be partially obscured by the local flora.


On Golden Pend- I am pleased to present another view from the railroad bridge over the Pend Oreille River's Box Canyon.


On Golden Pond- Hardly. Molden Pond would be a more apt description of this scene at the Sumpter Valley Gold Dredge in Sumpter, Oregon.


On The Bend- Portland's Washington Park Zoo Train encounters many curves and bends on its 4.4 mile route. This is one of them.


On The Rocks- Having fallen in a torrent, the waters of Oregon's Sahalie Falls are still revved up as they proceed along the rapids below.


On The Q Train- A subway train on New York City's "Q" line prepares to leave the Brighton Beach station on its course toward midtown Manhattan.


On The Shady Side Of The Street- A northbound and southbound cable car pass each other on San Francisco's Powell Street.


On The Wall- Look closely at the mural of this wall in downtown Eugene, Oregon.In a message that teaches diversity and tolerance, many humans of various ethnicities are depicted.



On The Way With A Chardonnay- A hard-working server on the Napa Valley Wine Train takes an order from a "grapeful" couple.


One Before The Mast- A sailboat heads out from Seattle's Elliott Bay.


One Good Turn- San Francisco's N-Judah light rail route has reached the end of the line, and is turning around for its trip into the city.


One Fence, Two Lines- The track closest to us is the westbound MAX track. At this point along the eastern section of Portland's MAX line, the tracks parallel Interstate 84. On the other side of the fence, the Union Pacific line runs to Salt Lake City. I once rode a train on that line, but the route is now freight-only.


One Track Mind- Riding north on the Tillamook Bay Railroad, just north of Wheeler, Oregon.


Opa-Locka Depot- Northwest of Miami, the Tri-Rail commuter station in Opa-Locka Florida is patterned after the town's Middle Eastern architecture.



Open The Mikes- In late April, 2002, NBC and FoodTV's Al Roker brought a crew with him on the Napa Valley Wine Train.


Orcas Hill- Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands sports some hilly terrain.


Orcas Houses- How nice to be rich, and celebrate your bounty in stunning surroundings that do not violate the landscape. Or, the seascape.


Orchard Out There- At least two small apple orchards line the Yakima Valley Trolley route between Yakima and Selah, Wash.


Otterman Empire- In the otter exhibit area at the High Desert Museum in Bend, Oregon, an adorable river otter swims toward us.


Out Of Town On A Rail- We are about 45 minutes north of San Diego, running parallel to Interstate 5 as we ride on Amtrakís Pacific Surfliner, bound for Los Angeles.


Over Commerical Drive- On its route from the city center to the suburbs, Vancouver's SkyTrain passes over several rather busy urban intersections.


Overlooking 84- Standing at Crown Point, we are 733 feet above the Columbia River, looking down on I-84 and the Columbia River Gorge.


Over The Interstate- Near Delta Park, Portland's new MAX Yellow line soars over the Delta Park exit of I-5.


Oyster Nets- Through some camera adjustments, I was able to make this truckload of oyster nets look like a scribbled illustration. I took this picture near the Columbia River landing in St. Helen's, Oregon.


Pacified- To paraphrase The Who, the little kids are alright.


Paint On Nose- Eager to try out the new Tacoma Link light-rail line, a crowd boards. It is only the reflection, but one person seems to have white paint on his nose.


Pane To Plane- The westbound Empire Builder is on the north side of the Columbia River. Portland International Airport is directly across.


Park Junction- On its way from Elbe to Mineral Lake, the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad is now within the borders of Mt. Rainier National Park.


Park Lane Bound- A Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) train is pulling into Union Station, its northern terminus at Park Lane several miles from downtown. Within a couple of years, trains that run this route will go as far north as Plano (home of J.C. Penney, my long-ago employer).


Parked At Qualicum- On this sunny October day, we got off this northbound VIA Rail Canada Malahat train at Qualicum Beach. The shoreline of that beautiful Vancouver Island town is a few blocks to the east.


Parked At The Winery- As we await the southbound jaunt of the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train, seedlings sprout on the grounds of the Columbia Winery in Woodinville, Wash.


Pasco Depot- Pulling into Pasco, Washington, aboard the Spokane-Portland section of the westbound Empire Builder.


Pasco Pull Out- Pulling out of the Columbia River port city of Pasco, Washington. We are aboard the Spokane-Portland section of the westbound Empire Builder.


Path To The Clearing- Originally earning its name because of the smell of its former steam engines, California's Skunk Train is on a straight glidepath to the clearing at Northspur.



Pausing At Pico- Two minutes from its northern origin point at Metro Center in downtown L.A., a Los Angeles MTA Blue Line train pauses at the Pico Boulevard.


Pausing In Pasco- On this Monday morning in July, Pasco, the Empire Builder pauses in Pasco, Washington. Pasco marks the eastern end of the Columbia Gorge.


Paying The Freight- San Francisco's Daly City-Richmond BART line travels on an elevated trackway through the freight yards of West Oakland.


PDX Stop- Our Portland MAX train has arrived at the Airport stop. The terminal is out of view, but just a few steps away.


Peak-A-Boo- Unquestionably one of the grand peaks in western North America, northern California's Mount Shasta is visible for more than an hour from Amtrak's Coast Starlight.


Pebble Bleach- Mt. St. Helen's streams cut through the rocks.


Pebbles- Beachfront rocks appear as overgrown pebbles at California's Salmon Creek Beach.


Pecking Order- On the shores of Vancouver Island's Qualicum Beach, some seagulls concentrate on pecking their necks. The hungrier ones combed the rocky shores for some tasty snacks.


Pend Oreille Pondering- Here is still another view from the Pend Oreille Valley Railroad's bridge over the Pend Oreille River's Box Canyon.


Pend Oreille Valley Railroad- Here we are at the Ione Station of the Pend Oreille Valley Railroad. On this day, the North Pend Oreille Valley Lions Club offered a train ride from Ione to Metaline Falls, Wash. Both towns are a short hop from the Idaho state line, and the Canadian border.


Pepsi Generation- On hot summer days, the Pepsi machine at the Sumpter Valley Railway's McEwen, Oregon depot does a land-office business.


Pick Up Line- It's off to market on Washington State Route 14.



Picture At An Expedition- On the Napa Valley Wine train, people like to take pictures of each other. The girl on the right is celebrating her birthday.


Picturing Wu- My Congressperson is David Wu, who works in the U.S. Capitol Building, pictured in the background.


Pike Place Market- Early on a summer Saturday morning, activity is scant at Seattle's Pike Place Market. Give it a few hours, and the place will be full of seafood for sale, and people ready to purchase.


Pillar Talk- In this photo of Vancouver's SkyTrain crossing the Fraser River, I had the misfortune to shoot a bridge pillar. Yet the view is impressive enough to post.


Pine In Brine- On sunny days such as this, Eastern Oregon ponds such as this one poetically reflect the surrounding foliage.


Pining Away- Shedding its pine cones on a warm June day, this tree frames the overlook near Lava Butte south of Bend, Oregon.


Platte Path- Denver's Platte River Trolley parallels a jogging and bike path for much of its 1.5 mile run.


Platte River Trolley- It looks like a scene from a bygone era, but we're really seeing Denver's Platte River Trolley approach our position.


Point Arena Lighthouse- Point Arena, Calif., juts out into the Pacific, which makes the area a perfect place for this lighthouse. I wonder how many ships it has saved.


Pointing Out Point Roberts- The Washington state town of Point Roberts is on an isthmus just south of British Columbia. Yet its waterside location mandates a rather curious highway approach through British Columbia - even if you are trying to reach Point Roberts from other stateside locations.


Pondering- As our Sumpter Valley Railway train runs its route, we bear witness of petals and seeds blown into surrounding ponds.


Pooling The Falls- With a robust flow, the descending water of Oregon's Horseshoe Falls strikes the pool below. I think this is one of my best work.


Port Angeles View- Looking out at the Strait of Juan de Fuca, from Port Angeles, Washington. It's a two hour drive from there to Seattle.


Port Angeles Waterfront Park- That is indeed what the sign says.


Portland Near Sunset- The downtown Marriott opens up to Portland's Willamette River. We are near sunset, sailing back into town from our dinner cruise on the Portland Spirit.


Portland Seawall Scene- As westbound Amtrak and MAX light-rail trains cross the Willamette River on the Steel Bridge, the Portland, Oregon Seawall is visible on the left. A flood in February, 1996 crested less than a foot from this structure. If it had been breached, sections of downtown Portland would have been flooded.


Potomac Marina- These boats at a Potomac River Marina in Alexandria, Va., are far more likely to let anchor in summer months than during such winter scenes as shown here.


Powell's To The People- The silhouette of the Portland Streetcar shines through the window of the building where Portland's Powell's Books maintains the offices and infrastructure for its Web site,


Power From Above- The Buena Vista Ferry relies on overhead cable for power, as it plies the Willamette River a few miles northwest of Albany, Oregon. The crossing takes about two minutes.


Pride of Vancouver- A 225-passenger dinner cruise vessel, this yacht is parked near the Pan Pacific Hotel.


Primeval- When I sailed between Vancouver, B.C. and Vancouver Island, I took this photo as a negative. It seems to suggest one of those "formation of the earth" animations you see on those Discovery Channel or PBS specials.


Prineville Pond- Fish-stocked ponds are common sights on on the Crooked River Railroad's 19-mile route between Redmond and Prineville, Oregon.


Prineville Pride- On the Crooked River Railroad's Crooked River Dinner Train between Redmond and Prineville, Oregon, The City of Prineville Railway EMD GP9 #985 provides our motive power.


Profile In Barrels- Touring one of the barrel-rooms at the Columbia Winery, the lady in this picture has one eye on the barrels, the other on her guy. One suspects that sooner rather than later, the couple will drink the product of the barrels.


Pudding Creek- This ultra-shallow body of water flanks the first few miles of California's Skunk Train route out of Fort Bragg.


Pulling Into Prineville- The Crooked River Railroad's Crooked River Dinner Train is approaching its eastern terminus at Prineville, Oregon.


Pulling It Out- While passengers patiently wait, Yakima Valley Trolley motorman Joe Rief pulls out his Portuguese-built trolley car from the car barn.


Pump Car Fun- This old Northern Pacific R.R. pump car is being pushed along by several Lake Whatcom Railway passengers, cranking the levers. What a bunch of cranks!!


Pumpkin Point- Several times a year, the Toppenish, Simcoe & Western Railroad hosts a 22-mile round trip between the towns of Harrah and White Swan, Wash., 11 miles to the west. On the weekend nearest Halloween, the train runs from Harrah to this spot three miles east of Harrah.


Purple Reigns- A few maneuvers on my digital camera turned this dark green forest of late fall into a splendor of purplish delights.


Put Me In, Coach- The facility formerly known as Civic Stadium has been rehabbed and is now known as PGE Park. It is also a stop on Portland's MAX light-rail line.


Puyallup Pullup- The first stop for the Tacoma-Seattle Sounder commuter train is Puyallup. Here, we are pulling up.


Queen Anne Of Green Gables- As we ride the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island, Seattle's Queen Anne Hill appears here to our north. Many of the fancy homes are, in fact, gabled. If you're wondering about the towers, they are elevision towers. Working on an article for a television industry magazine, I once went into one of those towers' control rooms. It was cool.


Quiet Day At Mineral Lake- This scene could be anywhere. It happens to be at Mineral Lake, in Central Washington State.


Rabbit Ears- A giant stone jack rabbit pauses in seeming thought in Santa Fe, N.M. "Remember what the doormouse said..."


Racing The Traffic- On the route from Eugene to Portland, Oregon, I-5 often can be seen paralleling the Amtrak tracks. Near Salem, Oregon, a field separates rail and concrete. When the train is running at full speed, it tends to overtake most cars and trucks.


Racing Toward Oakland- The San Francisco-area BART line is on its way to Oakland from Richmond and El Cerrito.


Rail Heritage- In June, 2003, this 1950-vintage passenger car was taken out of storage to provide seating for a one-time only excursion marking the debut of Portland's Springwater On The Willamette trail. The trail runs parallel to the tracks.


Rails Beat Trails- Portland's West Side MAX light rail line trains frequently overtake cars going west on the Sunset Highway, which runs parallel to the tracks.


Rails From The Dark Side- Shot from Portland's Washington Park Zoo Train, this scene reminds me of the opening visuals for the 1970s science-fiction series, "Tales From The Dark Side."


Rain on Pane- Rain strikes the window of the Astoria Riverfront Trolley as we travel along the Columbia River shoreline.


Rainier Landing- Columbia River boaters make use of the spartan but ample facilities just off the railroad tracks at Rainier, Oregon.


Rainier To Longview- This span from Rainier, Oregon to Longview, Washington, is the only bridge crossing of the Columbia for nearly 100 miles from the western edge of Portland all the way to Astoria.


Rammed Shack- This structure just north of Tomales, Calif. has seen better days. Ya think?


Rapids Eye Movement- Watching the river flow -- very fast -- from a safe vantage point on the British Columbia Railway's Cariboo Prospector.


Reach For The Sky- We are looking more than 200 feet up at the top of the Klootchy Creek Giant, North America's largest spruce. It sits just off Highway 26 two miles from the intersection with U.S. 101 near Seaside and Cannon Beach, Oregon.



Reaching For Long Beach- Near the Los Angeles Convention Center, a southbound Blue Line train pauses on its 16-mile run down to the port city of Long Beach.


Reborn Again- Look at the young trees on this Mount St. Helens hillside. While the dead trees are nothing but logs now, the new trees show that nature is capable of reviving itself.††††††††††††††


Redwood Rest- Near the redwoods, the Skunk Train's leafy encampment at Northspur, California looks like it would be a great place for a family picnic.


Reed The Brook- I took this photograph along the shores of Mineral Lake in Washington State. There are tiny fish and even tinier insects that live out there whole lives in and around this particular clump of vegetation.



Reflections- Trees on the waters of Sauvie Island, just outside Portland.


Renton Rain- Leaving Renton, Wash., the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train courses through a typical suburban neighborhood.


Replica- San Francisco's surface trolley lines have a rolling stock that largely consists of PCC car replicas from defunct lines.

We are looking down on one from our vantage point on the 14th floor of the Hyatt Embarcadero.


Retired- On the north shore of the Columbia River, some old tires enjoy their, well, "retirement" years on this wooden structure.


Reunion of Sorts- Several times a year, the Toppenish, Simcoe & Western Railroad uses two 72-seat old Northern Pacific coaches to host a 22 mile-round trip run on an old Northern Pacific branch line between the towns of Harrah and White Swan, Washington.

Reunion Tower- The centerpiece tourist attraction in the Reunion area of downtown Dallas. When I visited in late January, 2002, Reunion Tower had a rigid security protocol in place for visitors.


Reversing Course- At the Milburn terminus of the Chehalis-Centralia Railroad, the steam engine is pulled off and backs to the front of the train. 2-8-2 #15 was originally built by Baldwin in 1916 for the Clear Lake Lumber Co. at Clear Lake, in Skagit County, WA.


Revving Up At Harrah- Just down the road apiece from Yakima, the Toppenish, Simcoe & Western Railroad tourist train is powering up at its eastern terminus in Harrah, Wash.


Rhino Record- No, not the music label "Rhino Records," but the bones of a pre-historic rhinoceros, dug up at the John Day Fossil beds in east-central Oregon.


Rich Passage- Just west of Seattle, this section of water between the Kitsap Peninsula and Bainbridge Island is named after someone named "Rich." It's not about the money. But then again -- at least when it comes to scenes like this -- isn't it?


Rides Galore- The automated Metro Mover line in downtown Miami provides a bird's-eye view of amusement activity in Bayfront Park.


Rights Of Passage- We are sailing through an unnamed passage between Pt. George at Shaw Island (great name), and Friday Harbor, on San Juan Island, Wash.



Ripple Effect- When rain hits a body of water, it is, in a real sense, coming home to where it was born.


River At Rainbow Lodge- Central Oregon's McKenzie River rolls slowly by the complexes of cottages at Holiday Farms Resort near Rainbow, Oregon.


River Rails- Near Stevenson, Washington, the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railroad tracks run along the north shore of the Columbia River. Amtrak runs two daily trains through here.



Roar, Roar, Roar Your Boat- Power boats, power lines, but a greater power at work, here on Sauvie Island.


Rock In The River- About 25 miles east of Vancouver, Washington, Cape Horn towers some 1,280 feet above the Columbia River. Far below our vantage point, this rock stakes its claim.


Rock Of Ages- Oh, the tales it could tell, of strange beasts millions of years gone. To me, rocks such as this help define sacredness.


Rockaway Sea Brush- Brushy reeds overlook the Pacific Ocean near Rockaway Beach, Oregon. We are on board the Oregon Coast Explorer tourist train, as it passes through the area on a small embankment.


Rocks and Roll- Big rocks, small rocks, all part of the landscape off Oregon Highway 7 and the route of the Sumpter Valley Railway.


Rocks Out- A rocky hill flanks our path as we ride central Colorado's Royal Gorge line.


Rocky Butte- Now on the spur to Portland International Airport, our MAX train parallels the I-205 freeway and passes Rocky Butte.



Rocky Crop- Please forgive the glare. Hopefully, this awesome Pacific Ocean vista, shot from Amtrak's Coast Starlight, will compensate.


Rocky Mountain Mud- Downtown Denver strikes a postcard-like setting from across the shallow and muddy South Platte River.


Rolling By The River- We're riding an open coach on Colorado's Royal Gorge line as it parallels the Arkansas River.


Rolling Thru Issaquah- Moving along on old tracks that once belonged to a branch line of the Great Northern Railway, the Issaquah Valley Trolley briefly parallels one of the Seattle suburbís main streets.


Roof Of Ape Cave- Never had done cave photography... until one weekend in September, 2004, that is. This is the roof of a pitch-black Ape Cave near Mt. St Helen's.


Rosario Resort- A rustic yet spiffy hideaway on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands.


Rosario Resort Dock- Rather than take the ferry to the Rosario Resort on Orcas Island, some intrepid boaters prefer to "row their own."


Rose Quarter By Any Other Name- Having just turned north on its own tracks to Portland's Expo Center, our MAX train passes by the Rose Quarter. That's Memorial Coliseum straight ahead. The MAX Blue and Red Lines also stop at Rose Quarter but a block away and out of view.


Roses Are Red- I live in Portland, the City of Roses. Here's a rose for you from Washington Park. If you like photos of beautiful flowers, this is some of the best work I've done.


Ross Island Bridge- This bridge carries U.S. 26 across Portland's Willamette River.


Ross Island Southside- Ross Island is in the middle of Willamette River just south of downtown Portland. While the northern end of this island has long been a quarry, the south end is inarguably more pristine.


Rounding Harbor- In September, 2004, the tracks for the Portland Streetcar's RiverPlace extension were extended across Harbor Drive. The extension will be operable in March, 2005.


Rounding Into Expo Center- This stop marks the northern terminus of Portland's new MAX Yellow Line. One day, it may proceed further, stopping at Jantzen Beach and then across the Columbia River in Vancouver, Wash.


Russell Banks- With apologies to the author who shares his name with the title of this photograph, my name is "Russell," and I have photographed the Port of Tillamook Bay depot in Banks, Oregon. The Pacific Sunset Summit and Coast tourist trains leave from here.



Rutherford Gaze- The Napa Valley wine train passes Beaulieu Vineyards, just north of Rutherford, Calif. If American history wasn't your best subject, I've named this pix after Rutherford B. Hayes, a Republican who won the Presidency despite losing the popular vote. Sound familiar?


Sage and Sun- Here is a view from a brushy cliff overlooking the Hanford Reach of the Columbia River in Washington State.


Sage Page- Not Afghanistan, but the high prairie around Oregon's Blue Mountains.


Sahalie Flow- Just a hint of afternoon sun pierces our view of the 140-foot-drop Sahalie Falls off Highway 126 in central Oregon.


Sahalie Mist- Grasses rise from the broken hulk of a tree, neighboring the turbulent foam of central Oregon's Sahalie Falls.


Sahalie Near Twilight- After a 140-foot drop, the rapids below Oregon's Sahalie Falls roar on as twilight approaches.


Sailing By Stevenson- Below the logging and resort town of Stevenson, Washington, a short pier juts out to meet the Columbia River.


Sail On Sailors- If you live in Seattle, it is somewhat likely you own a boat. This scene of boaters along Elliott Bay is justa few miles north of downtown Seattle.


Sailing To Swartz Bay- The eastern end of Vancouver Island juts out in a peninsular form. Here's the northern tip of said landscape.


Saks Fourth Avenue- Saks Fifth Avenue is the anchor tenant of downtown Portland's Pioneer Place, a shopping mall a few steps from this MAX and Vintage Trolley stop.


Salad Days- He reads, he eats, he is a customer of the Pizzicato Restaurant on the campus of Portland State University? The establishment is served by a Portland Streetcar stop.


Salem In Sunshine- Built in 1919, Amtrak's beautiful station in Salem, Oregon casts an almost ghostly impression against the strong early morning sun.


Salmonberry Creek- Just west of Cochran, Oregon, the first stirrings of what will be the Salmonberry River greet our Tillamook Bay Railroad tourist train.


Salmonberry High Hills- A summer sun provides light and glare to this scene not far past milepost 800 on the Tillamook Bay Railroad.


Salmon Creek Beach- A few beachcombers walk through the fog at California's Salmon Creek Beach.


Salt Point Churn- At Salt Point State Park in Sonoma County, Calif., the churning water finds its way under, around and through the rocks.


Salt Point State Park- When God paints.


Salt Point Stunner- Nothing I can write can describe this beauty. So just stare.


SamTrak End Of The Line- Here, the SamTrak tourist line pauses at its southern terminus in the heart of southeast Portland's Sellwood neighborhood. Sadly, SamTrak has reached "the end of the line." The train stopped running in 2001.


SamTrak Meets Amtrak- Named as a clever spin on the surname of founder Dick Samuels, SamTrak was a tourist train that ran along the east shore of the Willamette River in Portland during the summer. Its northern terminus, just outside the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, was on a spur just off the main Union Pacific-Amtrak line, which runs from the Pacific Northwest to Los Angeles. Here, as we pulled in to the OMSI station, we saw the northbound, Los Angeles-Seattle Coast Starlight on the main track.


SamTrak On Track- Portland's SamTrak tourist line took up a single track on its four-mile run.


SamTrak Pulls In- On a summer day in 2000, the SamTrak tourist line train (now defunct) pulled into its northern terminus, ready to drop off a load of summer Sunday passengers, and pick up some more. Your intrepid photographer was proud to be among that number.


SamTrak Swamp- The Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge is immediately to our east as we ride Portland's SamTrak tourist line. The east shore of the Willamette River is out of view, on the right side of the train going south.


San Diego Go Go- As we ride north from San Diego and toward Los Angeles on one of Amtrakís Pacific Surfliner trains, the skyline of one of North Americaís most temperate cities starts to fade toward the horizon.


Sandy Sojourn- I made a trip to Salt Lake City, and rode TRAX, the new light rail train from downtown Salt Lake to the suburban town of Sandy, some 15 miles to the south. In this shot, the train is leaving one of the downtown stations.



San Luis Stretch- At San Luis Obispo, Amtrak's Coast Starlight pauses for a rest stop.



Santa Barbarians At The Gate- The stunning city of Santa Barbara bustles on this Friday afternoon. We're passing thru on the northbound Coast Starlight.


St. Paul Depot- As depressing as it sounds, this small building midway between downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul, serves only two trains a day, and is Amtrakís sole presence in that major metropolitan area.


Sauntering Into Salem- On schedule this Saturday morning, our northbound Amtrak Cascades train is pulling into Salem, Oregon.


Sauvie Scene- Running along the southern shore of the Multnomah Channel, the Lewis & Clark Explorer train provides a view of Sauvie Island immediately across the channel.


Saturday Market- The 1960s are still here at Portland's Saturday Market, an open air arts, crafts and foods bazaar (which some would spell "bizarre"), held every Saturday and Sunday from March thru Christmas Eve.


Sauntering Down Sixth- Vancouver's Downtown Historic Railway has its own trackbed just to the side of busy Sixth Avenue (not visible in this photo).


Scales In The Stream- This late summer view of the Columbia River Gorge exposes a relatively shallow spot. The mud flats look like fish scales.


Scar On The Hillside- Central Oregon's Crooked River Railroad passes through several fields backed with lava rock walls.


School's Out- This is a freeze-frame of a video I shot during a whale and dolphin-watching cruise off Monterey Bay. Several dolphins are schooling, presumably headed toward a bountiful catch.


Science World Stop- Here we can see Vancouver's SkyTrain, stopped at the Science World station.


SeaBus Docks- The SeaBus carries commuters from Vancouver's Waterfront Centre to Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver. We are approaching the northern terminus.


Sea, Man- Do I need to say anything more? That's Puget Sound out the window.


Sea Cliff Overlook- The pricey homes of San Francisco's Sea Cliff neighborhood overlook the Pacific Ocean, and Baker Beach. Robin Williams lives on a secluded block to the rear of these houses.


Seaplane Scene- This West Coast Air floatplane is parked at Victoria's Inner Harbour. Prior to my October, 2004 visit, I last went up there in 1999, but The Marpet, who was my girlfriend at the time, did not let me partake of said craft.


Sea Plane Taking Off- Casting a faint shadow on the waters of Burrard Inlet, a sea plane takes off from Vancouver, B.C.


Seaside on Gloomy Day- The more isolated the beach, the better the meditating. On this late spring afternoon, the beach facing the Pacific Ocean in Seaside, Oregon fits the bill.


Seattle Lighting- The business' headquarters building is surrounded by newer and taller structures. We are pulling out of Seattle's King Street Station, poised to enter a tunnel underneath downtown.


Seattle Monorail- Built in 1962 as a way to whisk tourists from downtown Seattle to the World's Fair, this elevated railway still carries tourists and a few commuters between the city's hub and Seattle Center. Seattle Center is on the spot where the World's Fair was. Funny, I haven't heard of any World's Fairs, lately. Have you?


See Cement- In Metaline Falls, Wash., the abandoned hulk of the landmark Cement Silo overlooks a stretch of track that fades into the weeds.


Seen And Herd- Seemingly oblivious to the roar of the engine and the stares of the crowd, a herd of dairy cows graze to their heart's content. We are on the Chehalis-Centralia Railroad in west-central Washington State.


See Seattle- Fifteen minutes from the Colman Docks in downtown Seattle, the postcard view is getting larger.


Selah Cirrus- On a hot day in July, 2002, the Yakima Valley Trolley passes under a wispy bank of cirrus clouds overlooking its northern terminus of Selah, Washington.


Selah View- Just south of Selah, Washington, the route of the Yakima Valley Trolley passes a scene that at least geologically, is out of a Western movie.


Seldom On Saturday- While colleagues are doing holiday shopping, the owners of these cars parked at a Renton, Wash. office park have to pull Saturday duty.


Serene Abyss- Dappled with sunlight, the Oregon Coast's Devil's Churn has a more serene look than in some other photos I took.


Set Sail- Speaks for itself.



Setting The Table- Riding the Napa Valley Wine Train, our wine glasses are half-full. We've stepped away from our table to take this shot.


Shade Near The Summit- In the Oregon Coast Range, shady scenes are frequent occurrences. We are riding on the Pacific Sunset Summit Train on the way to a picnic near Timber, Oregon.


Shades Of Gray- Bare trees, gray lake, gray sky mark this December visage overlooking Lake Washington.


Shake and Wake- Got this nifty art shot from the back of the San Francisco-Larkspur ferry.


Shallow Island- When is an island an island, and when is it just a clump of mud in an underfed river?


Shark- That's what this rock off the Mendocino Coast reminds me of.


Shaw Off Shaw- I am Russell Shaw, and I am offshore, off Shaw Island. Now say that fast, five times in a row!!


Shaw Rocks Out- If you knew me in my rock and roll days, you would have thought of something else. Instead, that's a rocky cliff off Shaw Island, in the San Juans.


Shelby Scene- Looking more like Loch Ness in Scotland, this scene was taken from the Empire Builder, between Shelby and Havre, Montana.


She's Getting Off- Vancouver's SkyTrain, that is. Dude, quit thinking with your...


She's Got A Rack- Like us, this woman has just boarded the northbound VIA Rail Canada Malahat at Victoria, B.C. She has located a rack that will hold her bag. But hey, if you came here as a result of a Google search, expecting to see another kind of rack, ha!!


Shimmering Sound- Obtain the right view, at the correct time, and Puget Sound just glistens.


Ship At The Slip- Here, our Fort Lauderdale river ferry is pulling in to one of the many action-packed slips along the Intercoastal Waterway.


Ship Shape- As we sit at the ferry crossing in Puget Island, Washington, a far bigger ship sails westward out along the Columbia River. The mighty Columbiaís confluence with the Pacific Ocean is only about 25 miles west of this spot.


Shooting You, Shooting Me- At Salmonberry on the Tillamook Bay Railroad, a photographer is shooting pictures of us at the same time we are performing the corresponding action.


Shop Till They Dropped- Or so it would appear, from the tired faces of these Washington Metro passengers.


Shore To Ship- This barge is headed east along the Columbia River. The signal structure for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe tracks that our westbound Empire Builder uses is plainly visible.


Sign Of The Times- Even though this photo was taken just to the right of our Vancouver Downtown Historic Railway route, be afraid. Be very afraid.


Silver Spur- At first glance, this dusty scene looks straight out of a small southwestern rail town. Actually, it's just north of South San Francisco on CalTrain's busy San Francisco-San Jose commuter train line.


Silver Spurs- Our Portland MAX train has now turned on to the spur that will take us over I-205, and on to the six-mile route to Portland International Airport.


Sixth Avenue Sojourn- Vancouver's Downtown Historic Railway parallels Sixth Avenue for part of its run between Science Center and Granville Island.



SimiCity- Not quite 30 miles from downtown Los Angeles, Simi Valley, California is an Amtrak and Metrolink commuter rail stop. More than a decade after the Rodney King beating trial was held here, that is still the first association some people have with this otherwise quiet place.


Sitting At the Dock Of The Quay- Several boats, including our San Juan Explorer, are set to leave Bellingham, Wash. Thanks to Otis Redding for the inspiration.


Skidding Past Skidmore- We are northbound on Portland's MAX Yellow Line, crossing North Skidmore Street on the way to the North Prescott Street stop.


Skunk Train Railbus- Parked at Fort Bragg depot, the Skunk Train's M300 car looks like a bus on rails.


Sky Above, Bridge Below- Looking out my 10th floor window of the Hyatt Regency-San Francisco, there's a clear view of the Bay Bridge, and the water below. Formerly the headquarters of the Southern Pacific Railway (now merged into the Union Pacific), One Market Street is the building is across the street. When I am in town, I try to dine at the One Market restaurant. Bring back the salmon!


Sleeper Waves- Even those of us born under the sign of water best not get too close to the surf in rough conditions.


Slouching Toward Sheridan- Scheduled to open in March, 2005, the Portland Streetcar's RiverPlace extension will end just outside the Residence Inn by Marriott. While the facility is out of view in this September, 2004 photo, the trackbed is being prepared for track installation.


Slow Melt- This river near the Idaho-Montana border shows signs of an early March snow melt.


Smells Like Stream Spirit- Like the birds above, this fisherman perched on a railroad bridge over the Naches river in Washington state is looking for a bite from the waters below.


Smoke Gets In Your Skies- In this art shot, the grey-ish fumes from this paper mill on the Columbia River near Westport, Oregon match the hue of the sky above, and the water below.


Snohomish River- Our Amtrak Cascades train is running on tracks alongside a vehicular bridge, just north of Everett, Washington.


Snoqualmie Depot- This is the Snoqualmie Depot of the Snoqualmie Valley Railroad in Washington State. We are about 27 miles or so east of Seattle.


Snoqualmie Falls- About a mile out of Snoqualmie, Washington. I took this photo from an open window of a wooden Snoqualmie Valley Railroad car.


Snoqualmie Street- Our Snoqualmie Valley Railroad train is pulling into the town that bears its name. Note the Twin Peaks Cafť. I never got that show.


Snow Ski Switchbacks- When the snow starts to melt on Oregon's Mount Hood, entrancing patterns emerge. The snow never completely melts, however.


Soar Over Baltimore- As our jet takes off from Baltimore-Washington International Airport out to the west, Owings Mills and other Baltimore suburbs appear out the window.


Sojourning To Sellwood- Running from OMSI to Sellwood on a special rail excursion in June, 2003.


Sojourn In The Sun- On a route that was once plied by the SamTrak tourist train, the equipment, furloughed since 2001, is revived for a special day of rail excursions in June, 2003.


Someday My Mansion- Mansions built by entrepreneurs line stretches of the Intercoastal Waterway and New River in Fort Lauderdale.


Something Fishy This Way Comes- We are walking down toward Seattle's Pike Place Market, simply the greatest fish emporium in the world.


Somewhere Below- Orca whales are down there, doing what they need to do off the San Juan Islands. We are waiting for them to come up. They will do so at a time and place of their choosing, which is cool.


Somewhere Under The Rainbow- Looking out from the shores of Puget Island in the Columbia River, a rainbow seems to be touching the shoreline near Westport, Oregon.


Soon To Turn- San Francisco's "F" train runs through Fisherman's Wharf. A couple of blocks east of this scene, the streetcar will turn around, and make its way back to Market Street.


Sound And Serenity- The southern edge of Washington State's Puget Sound, just before sunset.


Sound Crossing- As we ply Puget Sound, this mesh is all that separates our cars from the big drink. That, and a good braking system!


Sound Meets The Land- I have always been into transitions, such as this scene where the lapping waters of Puget Sound meet land at Edmonds, Washington.


Southbound and Down- Here we are at the southbound platform of Miami's Metrorail at Government Center. We are waiting on a train to take us to the Coconut Grove neighborhood.


South From Richmond- That's Richmond, Cal., not Richmond, Va. We are facing south, viewing Amtrak's Capital Corridor route. Trains from here go to Emeryville, Oakland, and points south.


South of Cannon Beach- With several cool galleries, crafts, and glass emporiums, the town of Cannon Beach, Oregon is just a few miles north of here. But many would say that this handiwork is even more awesome to look at.


South of Fort Bragg- More visual poetry, courtesy of the Pacific Ocean south of Fort Bragg, California.


Space To Rail- The Amtrak Cascades Business Class cars offer monitors that track the position of the train at the moment. The Global Positioning System of orbiting satellites is used to obtain this information.


Spanning Manning- Just a few miles north of its originating point at Banks, the Pacific Sunset Summit Train passes through the lumber community of Manning, Oregon.


Spine Sky- I don't remember where I shot this, but this cloud looks like a spine. So out my camera came.


Spirit of False Creek- This is one of many tourist boats that ply Vancouver's False Creek on a frequent schedule.


Spitfire MK VIII- I am a peace-advocating person, but I appreciate military history and technology. While visiting the Tillamook Air Museum in Tillamook, Oregon, I took this picture of a World War II-vintage Spitfire MK VIII. Incidentally, the Museum is the largest wooden building in the world.


Spitting Image- North of Garibaldi, Oregon, the Oregon Coast Explorer tourist railroad passes through a spit of Tillamook Bay.


Spokane Warehouses- Downtown Spokane has some prettier neighborhoods, but blue-collar industry makes a city, too. These warehouses flank the Burlington Northern Santa Fe tracks, leaving the city.


Spread In The Woods- Not a bad way to live. This woodsy home flanks the Sumpter Valley Railway near Sumpter, Oregon.


SPS 4449- Hikers along Portland's Springwater On The Willamette stop to shoot pictures of the SPS 4449, heading a special tourist train to mark the trail's opening.


Spruced Up- Have a peek at a section of the Spruce Goose, a.k.a. the (Howard) Hughes Flying Boat. On display at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Oregon, the Goose is the largest aircraft ever built.


Spurred On- The Hanley sub veers off from here. We are on the Sumpter Valley Railway in eastern Oregon.


Squirrely- Squirrels don't stay still for long. They are hyper and as a result, a bitch to photograph. But I put a spell on this little guy.


St. Helen's Peek- On this cloudy July afternoon, Washington State's Mount St. Helens peaks out from behind the clouds.


Stanley Park Boathouse- You wouldn't know it, but this picture postcard scene is smack in the middle of Vancouver, B.C.That's the Boathouse in Stanley Park.


Stanley Park Marina- In Vancouver's Stanley Park, numerous boats of various size, shape, and price are available for rental at the boat house.


Stair At Adair- Riding on an open car of the Tillamook Bay Railroad, the forest-clearing of Adair is to our left. On this sunny Sunday morning, several folks are taking pictures of the trees overlooking the Nehalem River.


Starr-Crossed- One could do a lot worse than pitch a camper at the Starr Campground in Oregon's Malheur National Forest.


States Of Mine- Washington, here. Oregon, there.


Steam Cloud- We are ridin' the Sumpter Valley Railway, and ol' Number 3 is coughing up a cloud of steam.


Steam To Sellwood- The 4449 is the only remaining example of the twenty-eight GS-4 Daylight Class constructed in 1941 to pull the Southern Pacific's famous "Daylight" trains between San Francisco and Los Angeles. On this day, it hauled a special tourist train to mark the opening of the Springwater On The Willamette trail along the east bank of the Willamette River in Portland.


Step Softly Through the Swamp- At Leadbetter Point in Washington state, gulls are as comfortable walking through the marsh as you or I am walking on land.


Sticks- Once these were trees near Mount St. Helens. Now, they are sticks.


Stop Till You Shop- Some of the main shops and car barns for Portland's MAX line are here, right at Delmonica Station.


Stopped For Us- On its route out of Fort Bragg, California, the Skunk Train encounters a few city intersections such as this one.


Stoppin' In Sumpter- We have arrived at Sumpter, the southwestern destination for Oregon's Sumpter Valley Railway.


Storm Clouds Ahead- Flying over Old Town Alexandria on the way in to Ronal Reagan National Airport, this small plane appears headed for a cloud bank. I would not want to be a passenger in that craft.


Strait Of Georgia- For much of its run between Victoria and Courtenay, B.C., VIA Rail Canada's Malahat train parallels the Strait of Georgia. The Strait separates Vancouver Island from the mainland of North America.


Straight Outta Willits- Some schedules of the Skunk Train call for the Fort Bragg-Northspur segment to meet its Willits-Northspur counterpart. Got the title of this pix from the rap album "Straight Outta Compton." The fact that both places are in California says a lot about the diversity of the Golden State.


Strait Through The Forest- Headed north, our VIA Rail Canada Malahat train passes through a thick forest just to the west of the Strait Of Georgia.


Stranded- Several forested strands with dappled sunlight appear along this stretch of California Highway 128. We are paralleling the Navarro River, on the way in from the California Coast.


Strappin' Wood- The Sumpter Valley Railway tourist line maintains a few freight cars, for show only.


Streaming Media- A nameless stream greets our Spirit of Washington Dinner Train, southbound from its northern terminus in Woodinville.


Stream Through The Rocks- You would never know that this seemingly placid scene is within the potential thunder of volcanic Mt. St. Helen's.


Stung Like A Bee- In late August, 2002, I was riding on the Lake Whatcom Railway with the window open. A bee blitzed my lip. The bee darted across the coach and tried that on someone else. We both survived. The bee did not.


Sub In The City- The 219-foot long U.S.S. Blueback is parked just outside the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. One of the last of the U.S. Navy's fast non-nuclear attack subs, the vessel was cleared for 712-foot descent and appeared in "The Hunt For Red October."


Suds- On this Saturday afternoon, the waters of Puget Sound are slightly soapy.


Summer St. Helens- Twenty-two years after it blew, Washington State's 8,363-foot Mount St. Helens retains much of its snow cover in summer.


Sumpter Pull-In- We've pulled into Sumpter, Oregon on the Sumpter Valley Railway. That odd structure is the Sumpter Valley Gold Dredge.


Sunbeams On The Water- Coursing through the San Juan Islands, the sun casts a reflection on the white-capped waves.


Sunlight On Rails- San Francisco's BART line often parallels Amtrakís Capitol Corridor line, pictured below.


Sunny And Chairs- Dappled summer morning sunlight strikes the seats of an uncharacteristically empty Portland MAX train. I wonder what that passenger is thinking. Then again, sometimes I wonder what I am thinking.



Sunny Beach- I've always said the Atlantic beaches are on a "shore," while the Pacific beaches are on a "coast."


Sun Of The Beach- The sun seems to explode at the very moment of setting. I shot this just north of the Cliff House, overlooking the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco.


Sun On The Rails- I do not recommend shooting from a moving car, but with a 500 setting, I was able to capture this visage of the Toppenish, Simcoe & Western Railroad tracks about two or three miles east of Harrah, Wash.


Sunset- A long San Francisco day is done. The San Francisco night? Well, that's for another time and place.


Sunsetting- An early December trip on the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train finds the nearly setting sun fighting for visibility through a Lake Washington fogbank.


Surf At Twilight- Here's a peaceful scene, shot about an hour before sunset off California's Mendocino Coast.


Surf Ní Turf- The sand is haggard, the sky is threatening, but the waves just dance. And dance.


Surrey On Down- Here is a view from the King George station, Vancouver's SkyTrain Blue Line terminus in Surrey, B.C. No "stoned soul picnics" today, however.


Suspension- Looking through the suspension cables of Vancouver's Lions Gate Bridge. We are dining at the Prospect Point Cafe in Stanley Park.


SUVs On Parade- Sport utility vehicles are fun to drive, but they are uneconomical and use too much gas. They are bad for the planet, unlike the trolley which I shot this photo from.


Swan Arrive- As our Toppenish, Simcoe & Western Railroad tourist run completes its 11-mile jaunt from Harrah to the 3,000-resident town of White Swan, Wash., the noontime sun of a late summer day peeks through the leaves.



Swan Live- The bird is preening for the camera, much like a supermodel. She seems to be scratching her beak - a behavior also not unknown to supermodels.


Swift Reservoir- The tranquility of the Swift Reservoir north of Cougar, Washington, offers no hint of the muddy waterways further north toward Mount St. Helens.


Tacoma Narrows Bridge- Crossing Puget Sound just south of Tacoma, Washington, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge is the more modern and stable successor to an earlier span that collapsed in a windstorm. Read about it here.


Tacoma's Crossroads- Here, the new Tacoma Link light-rail line crosses the approach and exits to busy I-705 and Washington State Highway 509.


Tacoma Taco- Get this, ma... we are in Tacoma, passing by a Taco stand. This Taco Del Mar is on Pacific Avenue, which also carries the Tacoma Link light-rail line through much of the city center.


Take A Bow- On the Washington State Ferry, it's what's up front that counts.


Take A Seat- Having just boarded, a passenger on the Seattle Monorail seemingly is evaluating several seating alternatives.


Take Me To The Naches- The Yakima Valley Trolley nears a bridge on its run between Yakima and Selah, Wash. The structure will carry our 13-ton vehicle over the Naches River.


Take Me To The River- Pulling into Vancouver, Washington, Amtrak's westbound Empire Builder flanks the Columbia River, and the Interstate Bridge.


Taking A Dive- Swimming the waters of Monterey Bay, this bottle-nose dolphin gets ready to dive a few feet below the water's surface.


Talgo Ho- Seventeen miles north of Seattle's King Street Station, the Seattle-Bellingham Cascades train #752 pulls into Edmonds, Washington.


Talkin' 'Bout My Generator- With no overhead poles available for power, the Issaquah, Wash. Valley Trolley relies on this electric generator for power. The Who, who are responsible for the song that sparked the title of this photo, did not lack for electrical power either.


Taos Art Hut- You don't need a grand building to show and sell art, as this simple structure in Taos, N.M. shows.


Tempers Puget- On the left, Bainbridge Island provides a becalming influence on the waters of Puget Sound.


TGI Friday- We've arrived at Friday Harbor - on Friday. Soon, I will get off the boat and have a couple of cold ones at a local brewpub. An hour and 15 minutes later, it is on to find some whales.


That's 302 To You- Our Toppenish, Simcoe & Western Railroad tourist run completes its 11-mile jaunt from Harrah to White Swan, Wash. Motive power in the form of this GP-9, ex Burlington Northern Santa Fe #302 has come off the front of the train, and is positioning itself to power our return trip.


That's All There Is- The track's end informs the northern terminus of the Yakima Valley Trolley in downtown Selah, Wash.


That's Me- That's me in the spotlight, using my religion. I'm taking moving pictures of the ocean at Salt Point State Park. Laurie took this picture of me - the only shot in this section of my Web site that I didn't shoot.


That's The Spirit- Located just under Mount St. Helens, Spirit Lake is still somewhat blocked off by sediment created during the volcanic explosion of the mountain back in 1980.


Thatís The Spirit of Washington- Having disembarked a contingent of more than 300 well-fed lunch passengers, the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train is now parked at its Renton, Wash. depot.


That's Why They Call It Golden- We're now near Muir Beach, which is in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.


The Answer Is Blowing In The Wind- Cheap, non-polluting energy is a goal of wind turbine farms such as this one on Oregon Highway 206 between Condon and Wasco, Oregon.


The Boat Ashore- On a sunny autumn Sunday, Oregon's Buena Vista Ferry pulls up to its western dock off Buena Vista Road, near Independence, Oregon.


The Bridge- I won't try to be poetic, or even descriptive. Others have done so. Here's my humble take on the Golden Gate bridge.


The Bridges Of Multnomah County- Portland, Oregon is in Multnomah County. The city is split east to west by the Willamette River. As we ride the light-rail MAX line over the river, we can see the Broadway Bridge. With flag staffs that sit more than 400 feet above the water, the Fremont Bridge is in the background.


The Coaster Is Clear- Generations of kids have ridden this roller coaster at Coney Island, New York. Roller coasters are the only things on rail that I will not ride.


The Color Purple- The Smithsonian Air & Space Museumís Albert Einstein Planetarium has an inner dome with a purple background. Soon, when the show begins, the purple will yield to the black of a simulated night sky.


The Gate Escape- Here is the escape hatch on the Apollo Command Module.


The Golden Gate- Just off its northern approach in Marin County, San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge glistens in the Saturday morning sun.


The Gorge Beyond- Behold this far view of the Columbia River Gorge, looking east from Crown Point on the Oregon side.


The Hole Truth- We are looking down into the International District station, which marks the southern end of Seattle's Bus Tunnel. The red building in the background is Seattle's former Union Station, recently restored to glory due to the financial beneficence of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.


The Joy Of Sax- On an April afternoon, a saxophone player hawks his notes at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf. Just after I took this picture, he started playing "What Does It Take To Win Your Love," a song I can dedicate to at least two ladies who live in The City.


The Mother Church- Here is the world headquarters of Nordstrom in downtown Seattle. The edifice once hosed Frederick and Nelson department store. I salute Nordstrom for making most of the suits in my wardrobe - and honor their credit department for taking a chance on me back in the lean years. What goes around, comes around.


The Old 97- This bridge carries U.S. 97 across the Columbia River from Washington to Oregon.


The Ol' 700- One of the largest steam locomotives surviving in North America, this beauty once hauled the Empire Builder between Seattle and Chicago. It was taken out of storage for display at rail festivities marking the opening of the Springwater On The Willamette trail, a four-mile path which parallels the tracks of the usually freight-only Oregon Pacific Railroad in Portland.


The Old Church- Now used for concerts, this downtown Portland edifice once hosted another type of Joyful Noise.


The Old Switcheroo- At its eastern terminus in Prineville, Oregon, our Crooked River Dinner Train is preparing to receive its engine for the 19-mile ride back to Redmond.


The Rising Fog- At Shell Beach near Jenner, Calif., a rise in altitude affords one ability to look down at an arriving fog bank. Trust me. It is better to look down at the fog and understand it, than to be in the middle of it, trying to find your way.


The Ties That Bind- On several sections of Portland's MAX line, the trackbed has railroad-like characteristics.


The URL Is A Ghetto- With apologies to War's "The World Is A Ghetto," the title of this photo identifies a lower-income neighborhood in west Oakland, Calif.


The Way It Steams From Here- The Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad warms up for its trek from Elbe to Mineral Lake, Wash.


The Way To Midway- I shot this from a Southwest Airlines jet, as we buzzed the houses of middle-class Bedford Park, Illinois on our approach into Chicagoís Midway Airport.


Theater Crowd- Well, the Tacoma Link station sign says "Theater District," but this doesn't look like a "theater crowd" to me.


They Move The Earth- Passing through St. Helen's, Oregon on the Lewis & Clark Explorer train, the work rhythms of a Friday make themselves visible on the logos of the trucks that are running along parallel U.S. 30.


They Shoot Horses, Don't They- As for me, well, I choose to do so with my Sony Mavica 4-megapixel CD camera. I brought it on board Oregon's Crooked River Dinner Train.


They've Got The Beats- Perusing this gallery in Taos, N.M., we're reminded that not only are drums capable of creating musical art, but they can be objects of art, too.


Thinking Globally- Here is a water-borne view of the giant dome at Vancouver's Science World.


Third Rail Fence- The fence separates Amtrak's Richmond, Calif. station from the adjacent BART facility. The transfer point allows Amtrak passengers arriving from Sacramento to switch to BART for a ride to downtown San Francisco.


Thirty-Three Skidoo- It is 33 miles from Vancouver Junction, Wash. to this mile-marker on the Chelatchie Prairie Railroad.


This Boat Could Be Mine- I've been working an Excel sheet to determine how many books I need to sell in order to afford one of the boats in this picture.


Through Scappoose-Ten miles east of its western terminus in the Portland neighborhood of Linnton, the Portland-Astoria Lewis & Clark Explorer train threads through Scappoose, Oregon.


Tidepool- Coves such as this one near Mendocino, are all about the transition between the deep ocean and the land.


Tie Me Down- On Miami's Biscayne Bay, Bayfront Park's popular shopping complex offers occasional classic watercraft. If you came to this site via a Google search for S&M, though, hah!!


To The Boat- Several San Francisco tourists are walking toward the Ferry Building, and a trip across the bay to either Larkspur, Tiburon, Sausalito or Oakland. The rail car is running along the new F-Market line extension to Fisherman's Wharf.


To The Moon- As in this vintage Soviet-era craft, on display at the Smithsonianís Air & Space Museum.


To The Shores Of Tripoli- This seemingly placid scene is on the Pacific Coast, within the confines of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. I would think many landings have been practiced here.


Togging Along- Some people, such as this pair set up for commerce at the Snoqualmie Railroad Days fest in Snoqualmie, Wash., sell togs for their supper. I sell words. Both are representative of the creative arts.


Tower Of Power- Thanks to towers like these, the farmers in this pastoral region of south central Washington state have juice for their homes.


Town Bound- Our Portland MAX train is set to leave the Airport station for the 35-40 minute ride into downtown Portland.


Track Lighting- North of Yacolt, Washington, the sun beats down on the crew and passengers of the Chelatchie Prairie Railroad.


Trackside Conversation- As Amtrak's Los Angeles-Seattle Coast Starlight takes a rest stop in Klamath Falls, Oregon, a sleeping car attendant and a passenger find their separate worlds temporarily united in conversation.


Trailhead Tracks- Hiking trails about in the Mount St. Helens National Monument. Here's just one of several clusters.


Train And The Ash- Ash from the steam engine of Washington State's Chehalis-Centralia Railroad signifies that we are on our way from Chehalis to Milburn, 6 1/2 miles to the southwest.


Train Out of Track- This is the very end of the Portland Vintage Trolley line from the Library to Lloyd Center.


Train To Mount Hood- The Mount Hood Railroad heads south from its northern terminus in Hood River, Oregon, to Parkdale, about 20 miles north of Oregon's highest peak.


Train To Plane- At Gateway, an outbound Airport train on Portland's MAX line is stopping on its way to Portland International Airport.


Tram Above Miami- Miami's automated Metro Mover glides effortlessly over, around and through the city's impressive downtown.


Trans Link- In Vancouver, Washington, a Skytrain train set is laying over just before pulling into Waterfront Station for its long ride out to the western suburbs. Immediately beyond, the West Coast Express platform is waiting for its next arrival on Monday morning.


Tree- I shot this picture from the Portland Streetcar. This tree, located in the South Park Blocks, has seen a lot in its time. Lovers, beggars, schemers, dreamers. Including the person who took this photograph.


Tree Island In Black and White- Sometimes if you photograph a green island in black and white, you obtain a modesty of contrast. That's what I did when our B.C. Ferry passed by this small island in the Strait of Georgia.


Treemains- The volcanic flow of Mt. St. Helen's met the tree. Guess who won.


Trees On The Coast Range- As our Tillamook Bay Railroad train approaches Salmonberry on its way inland from Wheeler, the hue of fall foliage becomes apparent.



Trees On The Water- A compact, tree-laden isthmus on one of the lakes of Sauvie Island, only about 15 miles northwest of downtown Portland, Oregon.


Trees Swaying With The Wind- One reason for the "ever" in evergreens, is that they learn how to sway with the wind, as this picture from the Montana Rockies shows. I can identify.


Trestlemania- As our Pacific Sunset Summit Train traverses its morning route from Banks, Oregon to Timber and Cochran, the train crosses several streams on high trestles. At this juncture, a foggy mist permeates the air.


Trip The Light Rail Fantastic- A light rail train is leaving Dallas' Union Station, on the way to the hip West End district and points beyond.


Tri-Rail Approach- We are at Tri-Rail's Cypress Creek station, waiting on the southbound to Miami.


Tri-Rail Transfer- We have just gotten off our southbound Tri-Rail train, and are about to board Metrorail for the last leg of our journey to downtown Miami.


Trolley-ing Down The River- In Astoria, Oregon, the Astoria Riverfront Trolley pulls up to the Columbia River MaritimeMuseumstation


Trolley Vs. Train- Out of the picture, our Lewis and Clark Explorer train has just arrived at the resurrected Astoria Railroad Station after making the trek from Portland, the local Astoria Riverfront Trolley pulls up along side it on the right.


Trout Painting- A small group of trout swim in one of the moats at the High Desert Museum in Bend, Oregon.



Truck Farm- As the Napa Valley Wine Train parallels California Highway 29, freight-bearing trucks are frequent sights along our route.


True Blue- Pine and cedar trees frame the foam wash of stunning, 140-foot Sahalie Falls in central Oregon.


Tunnel 25, Tillamook Bay Railroad- This tunnel is both the first and the longest such passageway encountered on the Tillamook Bay Railroad's run from Banks, Oregon, to the Coast.


Tunnel Chips- This looks like paint chipping off an old wall. It is really a flash image of a tunnel wall along the route of the Pend Oreille Valley Railroad between Ione and Metaline Falls, Wash.


Turnabout On Fair Day- On this sunny April morning, San Francisco's Powell & Mason Street cable car has reached its downtown terminus at Market Street. At this point, the car has to be turned around by hand.


Turning Towards Town- Portland's east-west MAX line has left the Hillsboro terminus, and is now turning east toward Beaverton and downtown Portland. I took this shot from a parking garage across the street from the Hillsboro stop.


Turn On Twenty-Third- On a gloomy fall afternoon, the Portland Streetcar is starting out its inbound trek to Portland State. Here, the train is turning off its westernmost stop on Northwest 23rd Avenue, and is headed in-bound along Lovejoy Street.


Twenty-Six- The mileage marker refers to the fact that this spot is 26 miles from Baker City, Oregon. The town was once the origination point for the Sumpter Valley Railway. A truncated, five-mile section of the line, pictured here, was rebuilt several years ago.


Twinkle, Twinkle- I bring you another "sun on the water" picture, from the San Juan Islands.


Two Thickets To Paradise- Not a play on the title of that Eddie Money song, but a description of The Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad. On its woodsy path, we are getting close to Mt. Rainier, as well as to Paradise. Some would call the majestic peak Paradise.


Underspan-ning- The Astoria Riverfront Trolley is getting ready to pass under the four-mile bridge that connects this Oregon seaport with Washington state. You donít want to drive across the bridge at night, or when it is very windy.


Under The Bridge- Hereís a snowy embankment under a bridge, shortly after the eastbound Empire Builder has pulled out of its Spartan St. Paul depot.


Union Station Metro- On Washington's Metro rapid transit line, a train is approaching the Union Station stop.


Union Station PDX- The late afternoon sunlight casts a glare over Union Station, the Amtrak station in downtown Portland.



Union We Stand- Fresh from a westbound run originating in San Bernadino, Calif., a Metrolink commuter train pauses at Los Angeles Union Station.


University Bookstore- A few blades of grass separate the trackbed of the new Tacoma Link light rail line from the University Bookstore on Pacific Avenue in that city. The University of Washington-Tacoma is nearby.


Untillamook- This railroad car reposes at the Port of Tillamook in Oregon, waiting for a time when a tourist railroad line may be opened from Tillamook, northward to such destinations as Rockaway Beach, Wheeler, and Garibaldi. Short stretches are already open during part of the summer, but lots more work needs to be done before this car runs the tracks.


Up Against The Wall- The California Zephyr has left Denver, and is now climbing toward the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.


Up Is Down- "Up," as in the Union Pacific Railroad, is down there. Seen from the MAX tracks coming down from the Steel Bridge, the tracks host six Amtrak trains a day.


Up To Mount Hood- I photographed this image while on a ski lift up to the 7,000 foot level of Oregon's Mount Hood.


Up To The Summit- A few miles south of Timber, Oregon, a brushy landscape temporarily flanks our 1950s-era Pacific Sunset Summit Train.


Uptown From The Heights- The southwest section of downtown Portland is just a bungee jump down from my cliffside home.


Used Rails- No longer needed, these rails were once mainstays on the Northern Pacific branch line now used by the Lake Whatcom Railway.


Utah Trax- The Salt Lake light rail line TRAX has now left downtown street running, and is speeding south on its own right of way near the Salt Lake suburb of Midvale, Utah. Hey, please forgive the glare. This isnít my day job.


Vancouver Approach- Our westbound Empire Builder is less than a mile from downtown Vancouver, Washington. An expressway through this stretch of real estate, Washington Highway 14 is on our right.


Vancouver Car Barn- Temporarily down for repairs, this 1912-vintage interurban car sits in the Vancouver's Downtown Historic Railway's car barn.


Vancouver Downtown Historic Railway Car- 99 years old in 2004, this Vancouver Downtown Historic Railway car is lovingly preserved and in fine running order.


Vancouver First Avenue- Almost immediately after leaving the Science World station, Vancouver's Downtown Historic Railway runs on its own trackbed alongside busy First Avenue.


Vancouver Horse- "A horse is a horse," at least according to the proprietors of the Buschlen Gallery in downtown Vancouver, B.C.


Vanport- A broad swath of activities is prohibited at or near the Delta Park/Vanport station on Portland's MAX Yellow line. "Vanport," incidentally, refers to the large settlement of the same name (a contraction of "Portland" and "Vancouver") that occupied these environs before a flood destroyed it in the late 1940s.



Ventura Skyways- Near Ventura, Calif., a passenger on Amtrak's northbound Coast Starlight points out the air and water scenery to his dinner companions.


VIA Rail Nanaimo- The aforementioned rail line's depot in Nanaimo, B.C. is fronted by a beautiful, pocket-size garden.


Victoria Inner Harbour- We are looking out at the beautiful Inner Harbour of Victoria, B.C. The previous night, we were seated at a seafood restaurant at the table next to a spirited party led by the man featured in this picture pulling on the mast on his boat. His name is Jacques and when we met him, he was preparing his Odessa Spirit boat for a southbound sail through the Panama Canal, back up the east coast of North America, and then inland back to his home port near Montreal. Happy sails to you.


View From The Parked Side- Apparently, the "watch the ice" warning on Oregon's Canby Ferry stays up year-round - even in the late summer. We are on the Canby Ferry slip, waiting for our vessel to make the Willamette River crossing. Look through the trees, and you'll see the ferry there.


Vintage Streetcar- San Francisco's Market Street sees a regular procession of vintage streetcars, which run as part of the F line from the Castro District to Fisherman's Wharf.Those of you looking for a picture of the Palomar Hotel will find it here.


Vista Of Vista House- Completed in 1918 and now under renovation, the architecturally respected Vista House sits at Crown Point, 733 feet above the Columbia River Gorge.


Wait At The Gate- At Gate C in Washington's Union Station, a small group of passengers is waiting for an Amtrak train to start loading passengers.


Wait For The Light- The Portland Streetcar must stop for traffic lights, just like other traffic.


Waiting- Waiting on the whales to show their faces. Look, there's one!! And another!!


Wake Me, Shake Me- That's one backwash I would not want to be caught in. Believe me, I have been in some.


Wake Up- As the San Francisco-Larkspur Ferry leaves the city and heads out over the Bay, it leaves a curved wake.


Wake Up, Everybody- As the West Seattle water taxi speeds its way over Elliott Bay toward the bourgeois West Seattle area, it kicks up quite a wake. I got wet, which was the idea.


Wanna Race?- Amtrak's Portland-Seattle Cascades route parallels this stretch of Interstate 5 near Kalama, Washington. It is not uncommon for the train to go faster than the cars on the adjacent freeway.


Want A Lift?- Most of the ski lifts in Washington State's White Pass area close for the season in May. If they had held on through June 2002, they might have picked up some incremental business.



Warehouse Wanderings- I wouldn't bet the farm on it, but the now empty trackbed that parallels the Union Pacific Railroad tracks near Burbank, Calif. once might have been the right-of-way of the long-gone Pacific Electric.


Warehouses On The Shore- As our southbound MAX Yellow Line train approaches the Rose Quarter stop, profound evidence of industrial activity is seen along the shores of Portland's Willamette River.


Washington Park Picnickers- This huge city park in Portland's West Hills is an ideal picnic spot on this ideal afternoon in late April. I live across the street.


Washington Route 31- Green, yellow and gold fall foliage lines both sides of Washington Highway 31. We are riding north on the Pend Oreille Valley Railroad from Ione to Metaline Falls.


Watch Your Step- Prescient advice, especially on this day when I rode on the inaugural run of the new Tacoma Link light rail line from Freighthouse Square to downtown.


Watching And Whaling- We are on the San Juan Explorer off San Juan Island, watching for whales to surface. When you wait on whales, you gotta be patient. They aren't like dogs, who come when they are called.


Watching The Train Go By- OK-Google Image Search hunters - Snoqualmie Railroad Days. Most don't seem to notice our train pass through town, but the adorable little girl in the hat sure seems to be. And, is.


Water Down- Near Stevenson, Washington, the temporary sand islands of the Columbia River bear testament that 2001 was a year with uncharacteristically low rainfall.


Waterfall- The pop group TLC sang, "don't go chasing waterfalls."Yet armed with my digital camera, I decided to ignore their advice.


Waterfront Blues Festival- Sitting in Portland's Waterfront Park, hundreds of people wait for the next act to take the stage at this annual, Fourth of July weekend event.Some have pulled up their boats for a listen, too.


Waterfront Ships- Two friends exchange greetings on the Portland waterfront, as hundreds more take in the day from the deck of one of several cruises plying the Willamette River.


Water In, Power Out- These giant transmission lines carry hydroelectric power from the Columbia River's Bonneville Dam to a wide swath of the Western United States.


Water In The Triangle- In the giant geodesic glass dome at Vancouver's Science World, note the reflection of Vancouver's False Creek in one of the 766 triangles.


Water Ski Weekend- Crossing the relatively calm Willamette River about 17 miles south of Portland, our raft-like Canby Ferry meets a boat with a water skier.


Wave On- Not quite "The Perfect Storm," but the seas are kicking up a bit on the ride from West Seattle back to Seattle's Pier 54. If it is a warm day where you are, stare at this photo. Youíll feel refreshed.


Waving At The Train- Along busy U.S. Highway 30 at St. Helen's, Oregon, a waving hand is barely visible as our Lewis & Clark Explorer heads toward arrival at Astoria less than three hours from now.


Way To Whistler- Waterfalls and trains -- both of which make life poetic.


Way To White Swan- As we ride the Toppenish, Simcoe & Western Railroad from Harrah to White Swan, Wash., meandering county roads keep us frequent company on the north side of the tracks.


We Are Family- On this somewhat overcast day in late June, sections of central Oregon's Three Sisters mountain range are visible below the clouds.


We Can Hitch A Ride To Rockaway Beach- Joey Ramone, of blessed rock and roll memory, was singing about Rockaway Beach in New York. I am writing about Rockaway Beach in Oregon. Both are reachable by train: the New York subway back east, and the summer-and-weekends Oregon Coast Explorer out here. We are parked at the Rockaway Beach "station."


We Started Out Like That- A well-dressed, presumably well-heeled couple is riding the Dallas-Fort Worth Trinity Railway Express line out to Fort Worth. As I noticed the gentleman in the picture looking out at a series of row apartments, I imagined him turning to his wife and stating, "honey, remember, we started out like that."


Web-Footed Gull- Is that a curious gaze or the evil eye?


We're Not In Kansas- Looks like a typical prairie view, but believe it or not, this picture is of the New Jersey Meadowlands. The Amtrak Acela train I shot this from was 10 minutes out of New Yorkís Penn Station, on the way to Newark, N.J. Not exactly the stereotypical New Jersey scene, right?


We Will Not Forget- This is a view of lower Manhattan, taken from a subway car traversing the Manhattan Bridge. I shot this picture on April 1, 2002. If I had taken the photo on April 1, 2001, it would have looked different. Thatís all I need to say for now.


Welcome South, Sister- At 10,358 feet above sea level, Oregon's South Sisters mountain is the highest of the Three Sisters peaks.


Well-Trained- Several handsome vintage railcars constitute the consist of the Snoqualmie Valley Railroad in Washington State.


West Coast Express- This photo is a view of the downtown terminus of Vancouver's West Coast Express commuter rail line to Mission City, B.C.. We also see a SkyTrain laying over, ready for a quick return to Waterfront station and points south and east.


West Falls Church- Here on the Orange Line of the Washington Metro, I'm just waitin' on a train to arrive at the West Falls Church stop.


Westport Ho- Named after a person, Westport, Oregon's location along the far western reaches of the Columbia River double-certifies the appropriateness of the town's name. We are on the Lewis & Clark Explorer, passing through town.


West Seattle Sail- In one of my favorite shots, this sailboat plies the waters of Puget Sound.


West Seattle View- I guarantee you that people who can afford waterside homes such as these bought them before the stock market went sour.


Westward, No- Many decades ago, this old railroad depot in Astoria, Oregon was as far west as you could ride on the railroad and still be in the continental United States. You would take a local from Portland, and then creep west through logging and fishing towns until you reached the end of the line. Intercity passenger railroad trains no longer stop here, but the Astoria Riverfront Trolley perpetuates the tradition by pausing a block or so down the line.


Wet Over Washington- On the first day of summer, 2003, the low looming clouds over the Washington side of the Columbia River belie the time of year.


What A Let Down-- On Oregon's Mount Hood, our descending Palmer ski lift is taking us within range of our original departure point.


Whatcom Way Back- The short ride on the Lake Whatcom Railway has reached its northernmost point. We are about to head south, back to our origination point jus outside Wickersham, Washington.


What Goes Up- This "astronaut" on display at Washington's Air & Space Museum is waiting to be launched into "space."


What's The Point?- Well, it is Discovery Point, northwest of downtown Seattle.


What The Shell- Shells adorn this rock, on display at the Oregon Science and Industry Museum in Portland. Looks to me a bit like a Horta, a sensitive silicon creature depicted on the original "Star Trek."


Wheatland Ferry- In one form or another, Oregon's Wheatland Ferry has been crossing the Willamette River near Brooks for more than 150 years. Here we see the Daniel Matheny V, named after the native Virginian and founder of this service back in 1843.


Wheatland Landing- After a two-minute crossing of Oregon's Willamette River, our Wheatland Ferry vessel pulls up to the pier at the agricultural outpost northwest of Salem that bears its name.


Wheeler Crab Fest- Every June, the good citizens of Wheeler, Oregon, pay $12 to eat crabs by the harbor.I brought my camera, and got the crabs, too.


Wheeler From Train- Going out of town on a rail -- south from Wheeler, Oregon.


Wheeler Revealer- On a roadside bluff off Highway 101 on the Oregon Coast, the towns of Manzanita, Nehalem Bay and Wheeler appear in the distance below.



When Two Combine Into One- I'm talking about the tracks at the northern terminus of the Napa Valley Wine Train route. What were you thinking? Take a cold shower, dude.


Where The Buoys Are- Seamen sailing the stretch of open water near Larkspur, California find these buoys useful in navigation. Back in SF, there are other instances of similarly spelled, but entirely different phenomenon, but I am not interested.


Where's The Band- On the inaugural run of the new Tacoma Link light rail line, a band presumably hired to play at the Convention Center station seems to have stepped away from their instruments.


Which Way Should I Fly- At Willapa Bay, this gull seems to be pondering that question. Other life forms are frequently faced with those decisions as well.


Whistler Mountain Peak- Not a new ice cream flavor, but an awesome view of British Columbia's Whistler Mountain -- in August, no less. A great place to beat the heat!


Whistler Ski Lift- I don't ski, but I do mountains. That's the only way I get high (well, except for some cabernet from time to time). This enclosed gondola was the best way up (and down).


White Light- Our Skunk Train is running through one of several tunnels on its route. In this shot, the light at the end of the tunnel looks almost like what some people describe as the "white light" seen in early stages of a Near-Death Experience.


White Pass Village- On June 9, 2002 at White Pass Village on U.S. 12 in Washington State, spring mountain foliage mixed with climatic artifacts more associated with winter.


White Rock Picnickers- Just north of the U.S.- Canadian border in White Rock, British Columbia, a group of picnickers takes time out to glance at our Vancouver-bound Amtrak train.


White Rock Saturday- A beautiful summer Saturday brings out lunchtime diners to the patio of the White Rock Cafe in that affluent city just north of the Canada-U.S. border.


Who Does Your Hair?- A couple of miles from this near-deserted San Francisco beach are some punk rock clubs with patrons whose hair looks like these bushes.


Wicker- Beautiful wicker seats adorn the streetcars that run on the Portland Vintage Trolley line on Sundays, as well as the Portland Streetcar route on Saturdays and Sundays.


Wicker Flicker- The wicker seats on the Issaquah, Wash. Trolley speak of an earlier time. Notice the constable. She's there to direct traffic at intersections, not in case the WTO disturbances hit the bucolic suburbs.


Willamette East Shore-Overlooking the eastern shore of Portland's Willamette River, from the Willamette Shore Trolley, a seven-mile line that runs between Lake Oswego and River Place, on the southern edge of downtown Portland.


Willamette Falls- Willamette Falls is located on the Willamette River at Oregon City. Visible from the Amtrak tracks just to the east, these 470-foot wide falls are the broadest in the Pacific Northwest.


Willamette Peek- A passenger on Portland's MAX line looks down at the waters of the Willamette River. The train crosses the Willamette on the Steel Bridge. The Burnside Bridge is in the immediate foreground.


Willamette Shore At Station- A push-pull diesel generator is the power supply for the Willamette Shore Trolley, shown here sitting at its southern terminus in Lake Oswego, Oregon.


Willamette Shore Tunnel- Dark, grainy and foreboding, the Willamette Shore Trolley negotiates the unlit, near pitch-blackness of the 1,396-foot, Elk Rock Tunnel along its route between Lake Oswego and Portland.


Will O The Wisp- The hilly peaks near Wenatchee, Washington are outside our train, and the wispy cirrus clouds of a summer afternoon are overhead.


Window On Wenatchee- The south-central Washington town is where the loggers who live in the surrounding region shop. It is early evening.


Windy Ridge Climb- Even in July, snow can be found in nooks and crannies of the 15-mile road up to Windy Ridge Viewpoint, 4170 feet up Mount St. Helens in Washington State.



Wine Train Depot- On a busy Saturday, the Napa Valley Wine Train depot in Napa, Calif. hosts hundreds of waiting riders.


Winona Depot- Obviously from an earlier era, Amtrakís handsome depot in the Mississippi River town of Winona, Minn., puts the St. Paul depot to shame.


Wishram Is My Command- Not that far from The Dalles, Oregon, Wishram, Washington is a stop on the Empire Builder.


Wisconsin Dells- We are looking at the tourist town of Wisconsin Dells, which has boating and rafting tours in the summer.


Wondering Where The Whales Are?- See him? He's in the lower-left-hand corner of this picture, briefly coming up to the surface.


Worshipping At Wickersham- Some take their spiritual sustenance at places such as the Little Brown Chapel. Others look to the hills beyond.


Wye Knot- When stopped at Chelatchie Prairie, this is the wye that the Chelatchie Prairie Railroad uses to turn around.


Yard-Just a house and a yard in Klamath Falls, Oregon. What is so remarkable about this? Life is remarkable and there is life within. It's a pretty good bet this house has borne witness to many colorations of joy and sorrow. Like your house, and, like mine.


You Can Byte City Hall- On Portland's MAX line, the Gresham City Hall station is just a few stops from that municipality's seat of power.


You Can Trust- Your plane to the man who wears the star-- "the big, bright Texaco star." When it comes to polar expeditions in this Ellsworth Trans-Antarctica Polar Star, trust is the key to survival.


You Don't Get What You Pay For- In San Francisco, $350,000 buys you a 750 square foot condo, like those on the right side of this picture, taken from the Powell Street cable car. That's the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge in the foreground.


Your Slip Is Showing- At the Port of Seattle, a slip is ready to receive an incoming vessel, barely visible in the upper right portion of this photo.


You're Bluffing- The beneficence of 401(k) plans is a major factor in the financial fortunes of those affluent enough to afford condos on and around this West Seattle bluff.


You're So Vane- A weather vane surveys the ocean breezes, overlooking the Pacific near Florence, Oregon. The sea lion in the picture signifies the location of this photo as Sea Lion Caves, a viewing spot for these creatures midway on the Oregon Coast.


Zoo Choo- One of three locomotives in Portland's Washington Park Zoo Train's fleet. Two, including this one are diesel, and the other one is steam.



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