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RealGuide to the Best Audio & Video on the Web

by Russell Shaw
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The most comprehensive book ever on finding streaming audio and video
Over 350 great sites described
Find out how to get the most from your RealPlayer G2
Learn about trends in streaming media
Special introduction by David Bowie
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"Streaming media is making it possible to do things that have never been done before ... it is radically expanding the possibilities for new kinds of communication, collaboration, and interaction."
- David Bowie

There's been a veritable explosion of streaming audio, video, and animation available on the Internet. With Now Playing, author Russell Shaw and the experts from RealNetworks have created the most comprehensive book ever on how and where to find all types of RealAudio, RealVideo, and other RealMedia on the Web.

You'll learn everything you want to know about streaming media but were afraid to ask, including:

  • Installing and using RealPlayer G2 and RealPlayer Plus G2, the world's most popular streaming media players
  • Getting the most out of the enhanced features of the premium RealPlayer Plus G2
  • URLs for over 350 sites where you can find the best streaming content on topics like music, entertainment, news, sports . . .
    and the really weird stuff too
  • Taking advantage of special features like RealChannels, Presets, and AutoUpdate
  • An introduction to RealJukebox and digital music on the Web
  • Trends in streaming media
  • Using the RealGuide site ( to access the best audio and video on the Web
  • Easy instructions on creating streaming media for your own Web site
Order now for only $24.95!